It’s Sunday, It’s Market Day in Moncarapacho

Although our favourite Sunday market is the 2nd Sunday of each month here in Estoi, today provided us with an opportunity to accompany Michel and Louise to their first market here in Portugal before they move into their place on Tuesday. A bright and sunny morning greeted us on waking up and I thought that “bright and sunny” should be the theme for my market photos today. After all, how many market items can I continue to show and keep peoples attention?

The place was packed today and although marvelous, at times it almost felt a bit overwhelming. Here are a few over my head shots…..point and press.

Then there was the food “isle” . My hand is next to the tomato to give a perspective of size, the tomato not my hand!!!

I mentioned yesterday that my friend Sandy and her sister, Susan, are here and we bumped into them…….well today we couldn’t shake them off……everywhere we turned, there they were!! LOL

And finally, the flowers. I would love to be organizing my very own garden in my very own yard here in Portugal but it will remain a dream.

By this point between the heat and the hustle and bustle of it all, we were ready to call it quits and headed off to the main square to meet up with Pat and Gary for lunch. Marc negotiated for a table for us as the place was packed and happily they accommodated us and within moments we were sitting in the square, wine delivered, with laughter and food to follow.

My very own Bird of Paradise!!
Hidden way down an alley.

This next photo comes with my observation….

A middle child I think. Two older girls, who were ignoring her, whispering, and giggling together. Her little brother playing to the side with Papa, getting loads of attention. This little one would run up the steps, slide down, then call out for Papa to look but he was busy with the boy. She kept doing this over and over and despite not getting attention she was laughing and having a grand time by herself. Within a few minutes, all the others lined up beside her and waiting a turn to slide down the railing………this little one giving them instructions to hold down their skirts to get the best sliding friction etc.. Maybe a middle child but clearly a born leader. You go little girl.

I think a hunter lives in this house!

Finally at home I decided to pop over and have a visit with James, who is getting over his jet lag. We had a good chin wag accompanied by a glass of vino tino and two hours quickly evaporated.

As I walked back to the house I noticed the sun was soon going to be setting and I thought that instead of waiting to take a sunset photo, why not a pre sunset photo.

When I turned away from taking this, there was my Prince Charming watching me…………….a happy man am I!

And another day closes here in our Paradise home away from home. Oh, by the way, we purchased our airline tickets for our next trip here in January 2023!!!!

4 thoughts on “It’s Sunday, It’s Market Day in Moncarapacho

  1. Merci Randy pour les couleurs et les histoires! Quelle est la date de votre arrivée au Portugal en 2023?


    1. We leave Toronto on January 10 to arrive here on January 11th then leave here on April 05….nothing was available in and out of Montreal and we wanted direct to Faro so we booked through Toronto.


  2. Great pictures of the market today! Love all your market photos as I find it interesting as to what they are selling – always has my attention. We just had a huge snowstorm of at least 15 cm of snow & freezing rain – just waiting to get plowed out! The color of the flowers are so beautiful, especially against my white backdrop…lol!


    1. I’m happy to know you enjoy the market photos. Sometimes I think I’m wasting my time to take them but knowing they give pleasure to even one person makes it all worth while. Enjoy the colour and stay warm and dry.


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