Easy Does It!

I woke up this morning with a clear message from the universe…….enjoy a tranquil day near home, take it slow and easy, and do only what you feel like doing. I took heed, decided to listen rather than ignore, and given my actions have an affect on others (as I am the only driver), we all enjoyed a very laid back, do what you want kind of day.

James and I played What’sApp tag and it turned into a comedy of errors which resulted in each of us going for a walk without the other. Louise and Michel took two walks throughout the day and readied themselves for the move into their apartment tomorrow and Marc got a haircut!

He feels like a new man so he claims!!

I like to find new roads near me in order to expand my repertoire of hiking opportunities that don’t require me getting in the car. Today I discovered two, one of them turned out to be an unmarked “dead end” and the other wound me through the countryside and eventually out onto a road that I was already familiar with. I thoroughly enjoy these wanderings.

The nespera (loquat) is almost ready to pick and eat. The fruit seems to ripen more quickly based on direct sunlight versus any sort of shaded situation.

I love the signs that people post on their gates. Some are quite creative and lovely.

And of course there is always the whimsical, which is kitsch at times but still, cute and a good indicator of the folks that live there.

Flowers, as you know, figure widely into my walks here in our paradise.

One place that I walk past at least once or twice while here is a property with all kinds of farm critters, who usually make all kinds of vocal fuss as I slowly walk past the fence. Today, despite all the goats, sheep, chicken, ducks, dogs, etc. that are there, it was relatively quiet. Either they recognize me or they were snoozing after lunch. This one new face however did eye me suspiciously but did not move.

Imagine the omelet!!!!!

Late afternoon Marc and I went to pay a visit to James and enjoy a tea and chat. As we were heading home who did we bump into sitting in a local square but……

Aren’t they cute?

10 thoughts on “Easy Does It!

  1. Oh No! Where has all My Marcs wee curls gone? Still cute as a button. Happy you had a Me Day Randy. Hugs.


  2. I love Marc’s hair! Short and sweet, no fuss. I need mine done so desperately, perhaps I’ll get it done the same way!!
    LOVE the flora! Beautiful, rich colours. I put my nose right to the screen, but alas, nothing.
    How in the world did you and James manage to mess up a walk?!?
    What does a nespera taste like? Besides a nespera that is? Ha!


    1. Aren’t you the funny one! Today when I was walking, at one point I was between an orange orchard and a house with a huge flowerbed of freesia. I almost fainted from the scent!! LOOL. I thought of you


  3. Love love love the new haircut! He looks great!
    Also loving all the flora!
    Happy to hear you had a low key relaxing day and listened to the universe!!


    1. I told him he looks like a new man……..he feels great for sure. Yes, lovely flora and fabulous day.


  4. Hey, I love Marc’s haircut; he looks younger!!! I am glad you got out for a walk and took some wonderful photos, especially one in particular! Thank you, as beautiful as ever! Sadly you and James didn’t connect. There’s still time! The loquats look good enough to eat! I hope Michel and Louise enjoy the next leg of their trip as much as spending time with you and Marc. Lovely photo of the two of them…worth a frame! xo


    1. A grand and wonderful day. James was here for dinner tonight so all is good. And yes, nespera will be eaten soon in yogurt. Laughed at your UP story…. Marc read it aloud over dinner tonight


  5. Great new look Marc!


    1. He’s a very happy man with his new look and feel.


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