The Best Laid Plans

Laurie arrived safe and sound at the Faro train station last evening. Delighted to have her here again.

Today was supposed to be a long energetic walk along the Faro boardwalk however a very quick change of plans this morning as we ended up going to Tavira to take care of a little unexpected business. The beauty of being retired, life is nothing if not flexible.

It felt cool with a slight breeze and therefore we all bundled up a little. Mistake, clothes got whipped off before we even made it to the car. Very deceptive once you walk out of the shelter and into the open sun.

I dropped Marc and Laurie off for their rendezvous’, went and found parking, then spent a couple of hours wandering aimlessly. Up and down hills and streets that I had either never explored, or had forgotten I had. In any case, if felt new to me and I loved that feeling.

Tavira, when recently polled, came close to having three dozen churches  (yes you read right, 36) of various sizes and characteristics. Not all remain in a state of being visited inside but it is interesting to wander around and see some of them. I came across a few today I had never seen before.

I love simply letting my feet take me where they want to go and leave my brain out of any of the decision making. Today with the sun, the bird sound, which was prolific, and the fact that I had nowhere to be for a few hours, made it a total pleasure.

This lovely tile was built into the wall of the yellow and blue house from above, an indication of the occupation.

I finally thought it time to wind my way back towards the Roman Bridge, our meeting point, and discovered a few detours because of substantial renovations to a few old large dilapidated buildings. Happily they are saving the façade of each, which will add such a wonderful element to the streets once finished. It also allowed me to stumble on a park full of flowers.

I arrived at the Roman Bridge but Laurie and Marc were nowhere to be seen and given I am a bougeotte (according to Marc) I decided, rather than just sit and wait, to wander in and around the area until they arrived.

And finally, long past our usual lunch time, there they were…

They only look as if they are walking with this other couple…LOL

The three of us enjoyed a lovely patio lunch and I was so ravenous I forgot to take any photos until my plate was empty!! Laurie suggested I take the photo of my empty plate and caption it “lunch WAS good”.

A few errands after lunch, a circuitous route home in order to show Laurie a few things and here we are, settling in for another evening. Hike planned for tomorrow as long as the weather co-operates, and it looks as if it will. Can’t wait.

Walking back to the car we came upon a flower box filled with orchids…….

And in closing, a couple of photos of us boys as I am continually asked why I am not in my own blog very often!! LOL

4 thoughts on “The Best Laid Plans

  1. Magnificent pictures as usual. I love the old fisherman houses and the orchids are beautiful. Keep on hiking and posting – it’s wonderful to read.


    1. Thanks Connie. Just finished making our picnic for our hike today…..a nice long one. Stay well.


  2. Another interesting blog with lots photos that give me hope that spring is nearing, especially the redbuds and the ever glorious poppies, lovely to see them in various colours! I love the photos of the churches, fabulous door knocker as well. I am getting impatient with my orchids refusing to bloom…I may have to replace them after seeing your beautiful ones!
    Tell Laurie I love her scarf…she’ll know why. LOL! Paradise looks good on you and Marco! xoxo


  3. Laurie doesn’t know why?? I knew you”d like the poppies, your name might have come up!!!


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