Markets, Meanderings, and Musings

Heavy rain overnight has left everything looking and smelling fresh and vibrant and happily, stopped before morning which meant the Estoi market could go ahead as planned. Following our breakfast of French toast, fresh raspberries, fresh strawberries, and with maple syrup, off we headed. Fueled for shopping!!

Laurie was particularly happy as this would be her first market here in a few years and she was armed with a list! I think by the end of our meanderings she had satisfied her quest for each item.

We had a grand time wandering and eventually stopped to enjoy a bica and do a little people watching. And speaking of people watching……

The three of us enjoyed a leisurely lunch on our terrace at home and just before Marc was preparing our bicas James rang the bell and joined us. He, Laurie, and myself decided to head off into the mountain behind us to do a loop that I had mentioned to them. A grand and wonderful 2.5 hour walk and what a goldmine of flowers and fun!

The first couple of km are straight up and given the others aren’t as hike savvy as I am, we took our time, which I think in some ways allowed us to see more than if we had been walking faster.

The naked man orchid has graced my blog a few times now in the past few weeks BUT……today was amazing. We literally saw hundreds of them in forested areas, along the side of the road, all along the edge of a few ploughed fields. I truly don’t think I’ve ever seen that many in one place.

There are several places along this familiar route that I would love to be able to find a house to rent. So much beauty tucked away on this very tiny, winding, steep, country road.

By the time we could see the edge of Estoi looming before us, all three of us starting mentioning our poor hips, poor knees, tired aching bones. I laughed aloud as it’s quite funny that not a single complaint was made the entire time but once we knew it was almost done, we starting whining. Kind of like when you know you have to pee but you can manage it that is, until you put the keys in the door and you know just how close the bathroom really is!

Who are you calling puss???? Não quer dizer gato???

5 thoughts on “Markets, Meanderings, and Musings

  1. Wow I can actually see the naked men in that orchid!! And sunflowers in March?? I have to wait until August here! I would certainly have a list for that market and I know Sébastien, my son, would buy several bags of spices and herbs!! Thanks again for such wonderful blog!


    1. LOL. Yes, that orchid is a hoot. As for the spices, his selection and quality is superb. Our first market each return we stock up for our home cooking. Thanks again for following us.


  2. Great photos of the market, flora & ‘wow’ to that wonder flower – such a beautiful blue & white combo! Glad you got some rain – we had 7mm in <24 hrs with 100 km winds. It was a bit wild in NS to say the least!


    1. We actually had 76mm of rain & it is ‘wow’ to the “wowser” flower

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    2. Thanks Joannie. I too loved that photo, a real WOW shot. We didn’t get nearly as much rain as predicted but it looks as if today (Monday) we might just finally get what they are forecasting. Our sky is very heavy with large gray cloud cover. We’ll see.


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