There is Always a Plan B

We had hoped to do a particular hike today however it was a bit drizzly this morning and the trail in question was steep and, when wet, full of rich red mud/clay! Instead we stayed in our jammies this morning and more or less hung around the house taking care of a few domestic thing.

Marc was in the cooking mood and consequently there is a large pot of turkey vegetable soup sitting on the back burner, the house scented with the rich broth and herbs. I conjured up a tuna salad for lunch with finely chopped veggies and creamy avocado and by then the forecast had been updated showing a very low percentage of precipitation and quickly plan B came into play.

Contact James, grab our windbreakers, and head off to Faro Beach for a walk on the boardwalk with a return all along the beach. By the time we finished both Laurie and James were pooped. We managed 8,68 km, the last couple being in the sand, which really gives the calves and the butt a wholesome workout! The sun was out for the most part and it truly was a gorgeous walk.

We saw a great many sea birds today. These included Spoonbills, Greater Flamingos, Purple Swamp Hen, Crested Lark, and Purple Heron. Look at this beauty,

We watched one spoonbill who was happily feasting away and didn’t seem overly concerned with our presence. I love the shape of their bill.

The duller weather for some reason, added to the overall depth of colour today. I seemed to be seeing bluer blues and greener greens. I took a few shots just to try and capture that although I’m not certain I succeeded.

Don’t we look like a shampoo commerical??

I don’t take shells from the beach but I do enjoy looking at the variety of colours and sizes that we find as we wander in the dunes and along the shoreline.

And this next photo is that of a Cistanche phelypae a parasitic plant, that when emerging looks to me like a large asparagus starting to grow out of the sand. I think them quite lovely and this time of the year they line the shoreline of the Ria Formosa.

By the time we reached the boardwalk leading us into the tiny fisherman’s village both Laurie and James looked wilted and so we took that back to traverse the island and get back to our car, which was parked on the mainland across a small one lane bridge. It’s always fun to walk through there and today was no exception.

And at the very end of it all, just as we were walking arcoss the bridge, that last 200 meters to the car, this lovely water tower.

With the sand stomped off our boots, a cacophony of grunting and groaning started as we lowered our butts into our respective car seat. James and I have an excuse, we are two old farts!! Laurie??? Now that’s a worry!!

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