A Little of This and A Little of That

Twas suppose to be a very sunny day with a beach on our agenda however the hazy sky and morning wind put a kybosh on that plan. You know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men?

Not to be deterred, the day turned into a mish mash of one activity after another. Lazy morning at home, quick grocery shop, lunch in the square, where we met a group of 8 people visiting from Ottawa!!! I took a group photo of them on their camera. After lunch James and I headed off for a short walk and bit of exploration. All fun and here we are at the end of another day, which by the way was 18 degrees, simply hazy.

From here we headed to a small stretch of beach I know as I was trying to solve a previous puzzle related to the bike path. The puzzle remains unsolved however a heavenly salt scented walk beside the sea was a real “picker upper”.

We headed out of this place, having stumbled literally and figuratively on a dead end to my bike path puzzle and headed down another small road. Lovely flora but still no bike path!

Our final stop was to try and find orchids and we did find tongue orchids but I was hoping to find mirror or bee, no luck. We did see a few lovely other things which warranted a photo or two.

Fun explorations and in closing this very whimsical…….I’m not certain that’s the correct word for this as the word “creepy” also came to mind!! I’m trying to keep a positive spin on things….cluster I found on the corner of an occupied house. You decide what word you like best.

Sorry, two more shots that James kindly took for me as my camera battery died at the end of our outing. Perhaps something prettier to close with!

2 thoughts on “A Little of This and A Little of That

  1. Hmmmm, it’s a split for me as to the whimsical/creepy. The left side, whimsical, the old hag on the right, creepy as hell.
    I love the scilla peruviana! What a beautiful and interesting little flower!
    The two cats, just love it.
    The tiny pea sized flowers are gorgeous as is the larger yellow one.


    1. LOL. Yes, I too love that flower. So many shades of colours and textures. Was a mixed bag kind of day but I enjoyed it very much.


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