Spring Has Officially Sprung!

Today it raining, heavy at times, lighter at others, but, most certainly welcomed by all. The earth here is parched and the reservoirs are only partially filled therefore this is being celebrated by many. I think it’s a propitious sign for the first day of spring.

The rain also gives us a reason to enjoy a quiet day at home, well “quiet” is relative. Right now we are listening to Beth Hart’s new album, a tribute to Led Zepplin……..if you don’t know her, check her out. Marc is cooking, I’m about to start a new jigsaw puzzle having already cleaned the fireplace and replenished our wood basket.

Yesterday was a mishmash of thing and one of the highlights was a visit here with my friend, Sandy Gosnell, from London, Ontario, and her sister Susan. A grand chin wag for sure! I accompanied them as far as the Roman Ruins of Milreu, a short walk from here then walked home. They kindly posed for me.

Susan and Sandy.

I enjoyed the walk back home, just me and my camera.

Mama guarding her nest while Papa was skirting the skies looking for a late lunch for the family!

I came across a large field, sheltered from direct sun, that was filled with this dancing blossoms. I am still trying to figure out what they are and am thinking maybe wild leeks or something from that family. They were a lovely find.

I’m always expressing my love of flowers and in particular here in the Algarve, lantana. They come in a variety of colours and I came across this large lovely hedge and instantly thought of coloured chicklets! Each bloom is about the size of a child’s clenched fist. The hedge was probably six or seven feet wide and a little larger in height.

I imagine with a couple of days of steady rain I’m going to see much more of Mother Nature’s little gifts but in the meantime, a couple of more from yesterday.

A week or so ago I posted a photo of a house that had been transformed by a graffiti artist, I’m assuming with the owner’s permission as it is occupied. Well, when I passed by yesterday the entire front of the house had also been transformed. Maybe it’s simply a large “beware of dog” indication??

On my way in our gate I noted that a branch of the nespera (loquat) tree was bending down with ripe fruit. I decided to pick one and cut it to show you the inside. You can simply eat them as they are or make a compote if that interests you. We’ve done both but it’s a lot of work as each contains two large seeds that need to be removed before cooking.

And that’s it for me today……..I’m off to do some necessary stretching, a few squats, and then my new puzzle awaits. Oh, it’s currently thundering and some lightening……..how much more spring like could I want??

3 thoughts on “Spring Has Officially Sprung!

  1. I Love Loquats! Rainy day here as well and I’m about to head out to tend to a little gardening. Enjoy your day and your puzzle.


    1. Thanks. Just taking a break from the puzzle. What a great thunder and lightening storm we enjoyed! WOW. Fireworks couldn’t have been more entertaining.


  2. Hi Randy. I read and enjoy your blog faithfully every day although I never comment. Today, however, I have to say thank you for introducing us to some new music. Beth Hart is incredible and I have never heard of her. Wow! Keltie is already a Joe Bonamassa fan. We will have to acquire some of her music.


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