No Blog Today…..mais ou menos!!

Another lazy day, mais ou menos! It had rained heavily overnight, which contributed to us feeling lazy. Of course “lazy” is relative. Laundry, vacuuming the house, cleaning bathrooms, having lunch, Marc painting, me doing a puzzle….you know, “that” kind of lazy day.

The sun did shine most of the day however albeit through a heavy wind. I’ve just come back from a short walk around our neighbourhood and once again, I’m struck with the simple beauty and abundance of it all, especially with this gorgeous early evening light.

And Mother Nature has done it again….

Then I arrive home and just as I am coming up our steps I take a look back.

With the scent of orange blossoms, jasmine, and the rich wet earth in my nose I do believe there is a gin and tonic in our future!

5 thoughts on “No Blog Today…..mais ou menos!!

  1. Gin and tonic is a good ending to a day. More lovely pictures thank you


  2. Gin and tonic is a good ending to a day. More lovely pictures thank you


    1. Thanks Ken. I am sitting here now trying not to guzzle!


  3. What gorgeous flowers!! Now that sounds like a nice “lazy” day. What is the population of Estoi? about 4,000?


    1. Estoi has a population of roughly 3,500. Most of them older.


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