The Calm After the Storm

Late yesterday afternoon a huge storm rolled through this area and the amount of flooding was incredible. I was driving home from Tavira and at point on the road I had to drive less that 20km as the water completed covered the roads, a deep velvety reddish colour “lake”! There was a car in front of me and the water level at time was just above the bottom of the door!

That said, today the sun is shining, the sky is blue, and those two factors motivated a short hike at one of our favourite haunts about half an hour away.

As always happens, the rains bring more flora. We saw countless clusters of orchids (several varieties), and the cistus, both white and pale lavender, are all along the mountainsides and down into the valleys. A veritable palette of eye candy!

I love the large cistus with the burgundy decoration. The wind was blowing which made it a bit of a challenge to capture the detail but I managed. Patience and my good camera help!

We stopped at a small roadside café that I knew of for lunch on the terrace. No disappointment.

My companions are heading home by this time next week and my hope is we get a couple of more hikes in before they go. I’m going to miss them and probably have a tiny bit of withdrawal. Marc and I have another six weeks before we return to Canada and lots of turf can be covered in that time.

This morning as I was turning back into our gateway from having checked the mail, this lovely shot caught my eye. I hope you too enjoy it.

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