April Fool Birthday

Normally when Marc’s birthday rolls around (April 18th) most of our friends have returned to Canada which means that he doesn’t get to celebrate this birthday with them. This year we decided to mix things up. Basically we felt it wasn’t “convenient” for us to have his birthday on the normal date but in fact “more convenient” if we held it another date. That date, chosen by both of us, was today, April 1st, the beginning of his “birthday month”!!

Happy Convenient Birthday to my wonderful husband, whom I love and adore.

Marc had narrowed it down to two restaurants, weather dependant, and we ended up choosing a place that has special meaning for us, not to mention good food. It’s a place we were introduced to by our friends Harald and Bela, who could not make it to Portugal this year. They were with us today in spirit as we had a great terrace lunch at Bemparce!

We arrived early to allow the folks whom had never been there before an opportunity to wander around and enjoy the many vistas but also the wild flowers.

We might have been (from time to time) a bit loud but certainly never obnoxious! The seven of us, some whom were meeting for the first time, all had a grand time chatting, exchanging stories. catching up, seeking common territory, etc.. The food, as always was devine and much to generous.

And did I mention the food??

The meal was served with small fried potatoes with loads of garlic, family style , olives, bread, and we enjoyed vino branco, beer, and water. Nobody had any room for dessert but coffee’s help us mellow out and breath a bit following all the succulent plates.

Marc made a new friend.

As we were leaving it was suggested we get a group shot but as happens frequently, there isn’t anybody to take it and no place to set the camera for a selfie, which means it turns into a few group shots!!

Thanks to all our friends for making this a special lunch for Marc. More memories for the old folks home!!

Speaking of home, on the way we stopped to get some olive oil fo Andrée-Anner and James and nearby were these gorgeous flowers

This last shot I found incredibly gorgeous as it was one plant but the blooms in two very distinctive colours……..

What a wonderful day it’s been. Imagine what the “real” birthday will be like on the 18th!!! This is a tough act to follow.

Parabéns meu marido

4 thoughts on “April Fool Birthday

  1. Joyeux mois de Fête Marc! Profites du beau temps, le soleil, les fleurs, les amitiés!


  2. Beautiful photo’s! You all look sun-kissed, healthy and happy.
    Pat has beautiful colour from the sun and she always has such a beautiful smile.
    Marc, you know Pat M is going to want that card with the poppies all over the front! LOL
    The flowers are beautiful, the Bromelia is gorgeous, as is your final photo!! Wow, the colours!!
    Happy, happy birthday Marc my darlin!! LOVE and hugs.


  3. Yes, a great lunch and day. I’m going to have to step up to make the real day special but I’m up to the task. Marc says tanks ey!


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