Sunday Stroll by the Sea

The wind was up today and nearly blew the hairs off my legs!!!! Why you ask? Because despite this wind the sun was shining and we had determined that a walk from Fuzeta to Pinheiro along the salt flats and the shoreline would be a wonderful thing to do. We were right! It was lovely.

The scent of the sea was heavenly from the combination of wind and sun and the sea birds were plentiful. The path crosses the salt flats, into a small village, Arroteia, then along a pine forest, the shoreline, and finally ends up in the village of Pinheiro.

It was surprising how many folks were out and about walking today. We continually saw people, many with small children, hiking the path, all stopping to admire flowers, views, etc. I love that some many people enjoy nature here.

This chair was on a slight embankment in the middle of nowhere underneath a large pine tree. A perfect place to sit, relax, bird watch, and pretend you can’t be seen!

Back in 2012 when I started thinking about wintering in Portugal I had sent off a few emails to enquire about a houses I had found online, this was before I knew anything about where anything was in the Algarve. I had narrowed it down to four places and eventually decided on the farm villa that we returned to for several years. One place that I had seen and loved the look of always stayed in my mind. One day, that first year, while I was out biking I turned down a small road into the village of Pinheiro and suddenly, there in front of me was the house that I had seen online and fallen in love with. I still to this day love it.

The walk was very agreeable and on the return trek we saw many other sea birds, one I don’t know what it is but am trying to find out, and the other was a small flock of flamingos.

In closing… two very favourite flower shots of the day. Another day for which I am eternally grateful to have spent in my home away from home with good friends, the love of my life, and the ability to enjoy every moment.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Stroll by the Sea

  1. There ya go…! Thanks Rand. Lovely, lovely walk along the water. So much to see, smell, feel, hear, chatting away and walking along. Grand time.


    1. We have to get them in before you head home later this week. Where has the time gone? Gonna miss your presence here.


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