Frivolous Friday

We’ve been busy boys this past week or so, saying goodbye to most of our friends, which is always a bit difficult as we tend to only see them here in the Algarve. Sandy has returned to London, Pat and Gary to Ontario, enroute to Nova Scotia, and James, returning to Montreal as we “speak”! With goodbye dinners, meetings, overnights, etc., makes for a good kind of business and distraction!

Thursday Marc participated in the set up for his latest exhibition at Hotel Tivoli in Vilamoura. Here he is, beaming and happy, yesterday morning standing outside the hotel.

Today we had a day with absolutely nothing pressing, no real plans, a “fly by the seat of your pants” kind of day!

I took a walk up near our parking area to see what, if any, new splotches of colour I might find. Mother Nature always surprises me and never disappoints!

Marc and I decided to head out and visit a storage facility to rent space for storing our things when we leave here (along with a few things from Pat and Gary). It simplifies our leaving and having to deal with our accumulated “stuff”.

The fig tree next to our car is quite laden with developing fruit and when Marc arrived for us to head off, he took a shot of me to permit me to be “in my blog”!

From the storage facility we decided to head on to Santa Luzia and enjoy a coffee beside the sea. What a lovely idea that turned out to be as we enjoyed a stroll about. The sea was heavy in scent today, which I find wonderful. I almost hyperventilated breathing it in over and over!

And of course one of my favourites from Santa Luzia, taken at the encouragement of Marc….

These boots are made for walking!!!!!

Marc had mentioned that he might like to enjoy another hamburger at Wax restaurant on Faro Beach and despite us being in the opposite direction, I suggested it, he lit up like a Christmas tree and off we headed. We are, after-all, retired, footloose, and fancy free, what’s 25 km!

Sitting beside the ocean, the wind up just a little, patio relatively empty, good food, cold beer, I think you probably get the picture. We soaked it all up then decided to skip our usual after meal coffee but instead, head for home, park, and head to our local square to enjoy our bica with hopes of seeing a few folks whom we have not seen in awhile. Sadly, they weren’t there but coffee was wonderful and the terrace full, always a fun feeling.

As our time starts to wind down we find ourselves thinking about making a list of last minute things we might like to do, or buy, and we’ve planned ourselves a four day trip to the north of Portugal for later this month. Also, with Easter looming, and it being the most important holiday here in Portugal, we know that opportunities will avail themselves with little notice. Time will fly but one thing is certain, we will enjoy and love every moment of it.

Até falarmos novamente.

4 thoughts on “Frivolous Friday

  1. Wow….time has flown as it has been almost 5 months since your arrival. Thanks for taking us along on your journey.


    1. Thanks for coming along. We can’t believe that this much time has already gone by.


  2. Wow…Portugal looks great on you guys! We’ve had April showers since we’ve arrived which brings the hope of spring. Crocus up, daffodils and hyacinths coming….what joy. Thank you for all you do for us my friends.hugs, P


    1. April showers are not a bad thing as long as they are over by May 4th when we get home! LOL.


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