Crossing the Guadiana

Our Saturday morning routine of going to the market was thrown out the window this morning when we decided to head off to Vila Real de Santo António and take the ferry across the Guadiana for a jaunt about in the Spanish city of Ayamonte.


We drove as far as the ferry terminal in VRSA, parked, and hopped on the ferry, which takes about 20 minutes. We did not cross the bridge between Spain and Portugal as Andrée-Anne had never enjoyed the ferry experience and it is fun.

Bridge between Portugal and Spain

I had totally forgotten it was Saturday and Holy Week also and the first thing we ran into was a small religious parade.


Ayamonte’s development has been inextricably linked to its position on the border with Portugal and according to information online, has more foreign tourists than other locations on the Costa de la Luz, due to its proximity to the Algarve and its position far west on the Andalusian coast. It has about 19, 600 inhabitants. Today it was quite busy although siesta is respected at 12h30 and given it’s an hour ahead of Portugal in time, many things were closed shortly after we arrived. It didn’t really impact us as we weren’t there to shop, only to wander about.

The local market was open and we wandered in to have a look around. I love how they feel so alive and vibrant.

It’s always fun to check out some of the local shop windows and see the local costumes.

We opted not to eat in Spain as it was fairly busy but instead, return to Vila Real and eat there then perhaps do a little shopping. That said, wandering back to the ferry along the sea was lovely and of course there are always photo opportunities.

Relaxing over lunch in Vila Real was simply sublime. We enjoyed a lively chat with a Irish couple beside us who asked me if I was a “retired rock star”!!! LOL I think it’s the hair these days. An hour or so wandering about after lunch until suddenly siesta was officially over and just as suddenly the streets were packed with tourists. A good reason for us to hop in the car and head home.

Saw these signs inside a store and for some reason they amused me. It’s the only photo I took in VRSA.

In closing…..each night as we prepare dinner we look out the kitchen window and our sunsets are never boring. I usually only post them to my FaceBook page but today I decided to place on as my “feature photo” and to end the blog with my favourite. I hope you too enjoy it.

4 thoughts on “Crossing the Guadiana

  1. Heart warming to hear that you are possibly still being mistaken for Corey Hart my friend. “Sunglasses at Night”, or the day. ❤️ Susan


    1. LOL. It did make me laugh loudly. I haven’t been to get a haircut in almost six months.


  2. Love Ayamonte. Great pics.


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