Dodging Rain Showers

We woke this morning to the sound of rain pounding the windows, and it stayed like that for an hour or so. The forecast wasn’t looking good for the day however around 10h30 the sky turned brilliant blue, a motivator for me to grab my rain jacket and head off to accomplish a couple of tasks plus try to enjoy a walk before the next storm rolled over us.

I cannot describe adequately the intense scent of orange blossoms that kept constant company with me while I walked. I did a couple of small loops in and around the village, close to home in the event it suddenly started to pour, and both these routes wound along farm paths on either side of enormous orange groves. I literally could taste the scent while I was walking, if that’s even possible. I swear I can still smell it on my hair and skin!

I also noted that the pastures were blazing with pink and purple blossoms all along the ground and on closer examination I discovered it was two particular plants: one called pink convolvulus, which, if you saw it you would immediately think “morning glory”; the other, tassel hyacinth, hundreds of them. I looked them up and it told me that they grown commonly here in olive orchards, which is exactly where I saw them.

I guessing the rain followed by the instant brilliant sunshine caused them to simply “pop”. I walked by this same particular field yesterday and I did not notice them at all. A lovely find.

It ended up being an almost two hour walk, which delighted me and helped me burn off pent up energy and once home we enjoyed wonderful oven roasted turkey sandwiches left over from dinner last night …the turkey, not the sandwiches!!

Marc has been busy working on a project that requires a lot of focus and time however he sensed my restlessness and offered up a small outing. I had something I wanted to do in Olhão and we decided to drive in, park near the old quarter, something we had not yet done this year, and enjoy a small walk about. I adore this tiny authentic fishing town.

We wound our way to the old market and decided to sit and enjoy a beverage and breath in the ocean air. It’s so different there on a weekday as opposed to market Saturdays.

Walking back to the car we popped in a small local bar/café/gallery we often pass. Nothing was showing in the gallery however the patio, which is hidden and accessible only through and at the back of the property, was charming as always.

The bathroom signs, amusing…..

It truly was wonderful to wander aimlessly like this for a couple of hours and thankfully, the rain stayed away for the entire outing. As we arrived back to our parked car I happened to look up and on the fifth floor of an apartment building…….this is what I spotted.

Made me laugh. A kindred spirit. Give me five minutes of sunshine and I want to be out in it. This genderless person was taking full advantage of whatever few rays were being offered up, and I get that!

Just as we arrived back in our parking lot the sky turned dark and the splattering of raindrops on the window encouraged us to “hoof it” to our door. It didn’t last and we didn’t get soaked. Our sky is blue yet again and things are looking good for tomorrow. I’m aching for another hike up São Miguel, we’ll see what tomorrow brings.

Até lá, mantenha-se seguro!

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