Duty Calls

Our weather has been so incredibly hot this past few days I feel as if I could melt. I’ve been trying to accomplish any necessary tasks in the morning to allow myself the luxury of shade or the pool in the afternoon! Tough life huh?

I decided to head out early Friday morning to drop the garbage and recycle and that evolved into a nearly two hour walk around town. Always a new path to explore or a road that I haven’t been down in several weeks to re-wander. There is always a reward .

On my way home I decided to pop into the gardens at the Pousada and check out a few things. I literally had the place entirely to myself.

Marc was needing to be in Vilamoura for the better part of the day and I had offered to drive him. Andreé-Anne joined me and while Marc was occupied at the Tivoli with his exhibition, we wandered, what a friend calls, “soul-less Vilamoura”. I must confess, it’s certainly not my cup of tea however we made the best of our time there and walked the boardwalk, along the beach, out to the end of two piers, relaxed and enjoyed a beer on a terrace, and wiled away several hours until Marc was ready to head off. It wasn’t a horrible way to spend a day!

A pretty full day all in all and one of my “favourite” shots of the day…..

I know, I’m bad but I couldn’t help myself!!!

Today, Saturday, Marc and I headed off early morning to pick up an old friend of mine, Nancy, and her sister Anne, who were here for a few nights only enroute to the Canary Islands. We had decided to collect them at their place of accommodation in the hills above Tavira then head north into the mountains with a circuitous route to Alcoutim, which sits directly on the Guadiana River and is a stones throw across to it’s Spanish rival, Sanlucar de Guadiana. What a great day it was, 30 degrees, clear blue sky and great company.

We arrived in Alcoutim, parked the car and wandered in and around the village before settling on a place of lunch.

Many places were closed due to Easter weekend and festivities that have been going on but we managed to secure a seat on a terrace on the main square. Food was wonderful as was the cold beer!!

Marc and I both had javali da casa, delicious. Anne enjoyed costeletas do borrego . Nancy had camarão grelhado with a side salad but who takes photos of salad???

I think that “maybe” a slice of the sweet potato torte made it’s way home to our fridge!!!

A truly wonderful day spent catching up with an old friend while making a new one! Many exchanges of stories, recollections, and a few giggles. Marc and I had the pleasure of sharing our love of Portugal and visiting a much loved place at the same time. A grand and wonderful day it was.

A tiny ‘shack’ on the Spanish side of the Guadiana River. Completely isolated and private. Just imagine!!

2 thoughts on “Duty Calls

  1. Ola MBB’s, a reminder that tomorrow in Sao Bras is the parade of flowers for Easter. Need to be there around 9 or there abouts. Procession start around 11 ish. Hugs, Me.


    1. Thanks Susie…we’re skipping it this year. Staying away from the crowds. Happy Easter to you


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