The Birthday Boy

Happily we both enjoy our birthdays and we take pleasure in celebrating the other on our special day. A pampered breakfast, relaxing and moving at whatever pace the day, and your body, dictates. No commitments or plans outside of lunch.

I made a mid morning jaunt into Olhão to pick up shrimp for a picnic dinner later today while Marc enjoyed reading the many emails, cards, etc. that have come his way. Driving into town I noticed a “clump” of roses growing along the side of the road. I made note to stop on the way back and take a “snap” or two. If I can’t actually hand him a bouquet of roses, I can share with him my photos!

I had made a reservation at Gunther’s, the same place we had celebrated my birthday back in February. Being a hot and sunny day it was a treat to sit on the terrace under a large umbrella and simply be pampered. Our friend Andreé-Anne joined us.

A wonderful time it was and we still have an enormous stretch of afternoon in front of us. I think I hear the pool calling out……..happily it offers both shade and sun, something to satisfy each of our tastes.

Next year we will be in Canada for Marc’s birthday and given it will be the BIG SEVEN OH!!! There will be celebrations. Stay tuned for details……,.and invitations!!

Parabéns meu maravilhoso marido!

10 thoughts on “The Birthday Boy

  1. Happy Birthday Marc. You look very happy and handsome 🎂


    1. I’ll pass it along Joyce. Many thanks. Big Hugs to you


  2. Happiest of days are wished for you. If I know Randy he’ll make it extra special. Sun friends and a loving husband, what else could you wish for. You look amazing my friend. Enjoy!!!


    1. Merci Maid Marion…….I’ll pass along your wishes to Marc. Just in from a leisurely snooze by the pool!!


  3. Happy Birthday Marc. Glad to see you are being treated royally! Anne Marie and Paul


    1. Thanks so much! Life as we know it is grand.


  4. Sounds like a lovely & relaxing day for Marc’s celebration Birthday! The food looks delicious especially the pizza! Enjoy the rest of the day.


    1. Thanks Joannie, it’s been a wonderful birthday dat


  5. Contente que vous pouvez célébrer dans la chaleur! Ici il fait frête! Bonne fête Marc! 70 l’année prochaine, tu te rapproche de moi!


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