Sunday Exploration

We woke to heavenly sunshine pouring in all the windows, a great motivator to make me instantly think “where will we go today”? We didn’t have any specific plans despite it being Sunday which usually means a “gypsy market”. We’d determined a while back that we had reached our saturation point with those and unless we needed to go to purchase food products, which we didn’t, we would pass until we return in 2023.

Over breakfast I noted that our windows were not as clean as I would like, highlighted once again by the intense sunshine, and the next thing I knew I was cleaning windows and Marc decided to start packing up a couple of our boxes (which we will keep in storage until we return). What a pair we are!!

Doors and windows open, sunshine and birdsong pouring in, classical music playing and two happy boys pottering about. Then the suggestion, why don’t we head to Moncarapacho for lunch and in the interim explore several small roads we like to head down in search of whatever wonderful thing might present itself. A grand idea and what a what treasures we stumbled upon.

We were in the market to find some lemons and oranges that we could pick ourselves and consequently, headed down a small narrow farm road. little more than a path but in good condition. We rounded a bend in the road and did find both lemon and orange trees that were accessible and right beside them, pear cactus in bloom, one of my favourite things.

A little further along, nearing a small village tucked in an enclave between Fuzeta and Moncarapacho, no idea what it’s called, we were gob-smacked by this glorious display of yellowish roses. The soft subtle, yet distinct scent filled the air when I stepped out of the car.

Moncarapacho has become a special place for us this year, especially for relaxing lunches on the main square. We almost had it all to ourselves today. It seems to hold more of a European feel for us, in this part of the Algarve. The fact that it’s tucked, mais ou menos, out of the way makes it feel less touristy and intimate.

We had decided to head to Fuzeta for coffee and a small walk about but before heading out of town we enjoyed a short stroll down a couple of tiny streets in Moncarapacho.

A bica near the sea in Fuzeta, a short walk around the harbour, we we bumped into our neighbours from here in the quinta, then a circuitous ride home to allow Marc to pick a bouquet of Osteospermums, which now decorate our dining table, and another colourful find. Literally, right on the side of the road and impossible to pass by. We parked and enjoyed a short walkabout to take it all in.

What a pleasant way to spend our Sunday and to feel so connected to where we presently live. These wonderful excursions will stay with us for some time, not only from our photos but from our memories.

8 thoughts on “Sunday Exploration

  1. Days are winding down to your return but memories of this years adventure will last forever.


    1. Yes, not a lot of time left yet but still busy right up to the last day with plans. We’ll miss it for sure but will be dreaming about returning.


  2. It’s hard to believe your stay in beautiful Portugal is coming to a close. I’ve enjoyed following along 🌹


    1. Thanks Bonbon. It’s gone by so very quickly this time around yet when I look back over the blogs and see all we’ve accomplished it’s amazing. Marc will have had three expositions this year, that is truly amazing. Thanks for following along……we’ll see you in the blog next year I hope!


  3. The beauty of all the different flora never ceases to amaze me. The depth of those vibrant colours are wonderful, I can only imagine how it would feel to be amongst it every day! Your lunch looked yummy. Lol the dog did look like it was purring.
    Great pictures, I love that tile! I think it would be amazing on a house.
    I hate to think of your time there coming to an end, at least for this year. I’ll miss Portugal. LOL 😆


    1. Yes, I expect you will miss We will also. The colour these days is never ending as the rain we had recently has encouraged everything to bust into bloom. I have to really stay focused when driving!


  4. What a great way to spend a Sunday. The flowers really are gorgeous. I too have enjoyed Portugal through your eyes and words. Enjoy the rest of your stay – love Marc’s new friend ❤️


    1. Thanks Debbie. We’ll make certain to live each day to the fullest until we board that plane on May 4th. Maybe we’ll chat see you this way next year!


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