Let Me Tell Ya Bout The Birds and The Bees………

As time winds down for our Algarvian winters each year there always remains a list of things I want to do “at least” one more time before heading back to Canada. Hiking to the top of São Miguel is one of them. The weather this morning was perfect for hiking as there was a layer of cloud cover and a tiny breeze, both would help to keep me “cooled down” as I exerted the energy necessary to make it to the top, especially considering I planned on pushing myself a little (I overate last night)!

There was a slight chance of precipitation however I never let the vagaries of weather stop me from outdoor activity. My knapsack was packed, a bottle of water, a snack, my passport, and of course, my cell phone. A quick peck goodbye and I was out the door.

I’m not standing on an angle……it’s my selfie from the roof of the car!!! You can see the sea off in the distance.

The hills were alive today with birdsong and bees, both a constant companion throughout the hike. What a lovely and cheerful sound. I didn’t see another person on the trip up and my presence stirred up all kinds of activity in the underbrush. I saw several grouse, two rabbits, a dozen or more lizards, a partridge, and all kinds of small birds flitting about, many of them very curious of my presence. At one point something that sounded larger went scurrying away as I walked past a large clump of small Holm oaks, I was just as happy not to actually see what it was!!

This trail is part of a large mountain bike park, which is usually empty on weekdays. Weekends are another story however! My goal was to make it to the top, where you see the communications towers. It’s actually on a secondary mountain as this path levels out and stops at an intersection in the road then you are confronted with the demanding part of the trail.

As always the flora was outstanding today…….

A lovely section of old tiered walls from “former times” This area peppered with wild fennel plants. I love to take a small portion and rub it in my hands for the heavenly liquorice scent.

At one point I was stopped looking out over the valley and sea off in the distance and I realized that I could see several villages in their entirety simply by turning my head. Things like that make me smile and fill me with pleasure. I thought to take a photo of four places that I mention often to help give a bit of perspective.

And, speaking of outstanding flora a bit earlier……

I’m certain you can tell that it was a delightful time for me, doing what I love to do in a place I love to do it. I had long ago decided that once I’m gone my ashes will be sprinkled down from the south side of this mountain, that thought makes me happy also.

On arrival at home Marc announced that he had ordered the prato do dia (Jardineira de frango) for us at the square for lunch and as luck would have it, we bumped into our friends Marion and David and enjoyed lunch together plus a good chin wag catching up. It’s nice to be taken by surprise.

4 thoughts on “Let Me Tell Ya Bout The Birds and The Bees………

  1. Oh no! I had a post all ready, clicked on ‘post comment’ but my internet went down and the page changed!!! FML lol
    The chicken stew/soup looks delicious!
    To be able to stand above all of those lovely villages and take them all in just by a turn of your head…. must feel amazing.
    What a grand life you live, I love it!


    1. Yes, food was heavenly and yes, it does feel amazing to be able to stand in one spot and be able to see so far up and down the coast but also, out to sea. You can see the sandbar islands that allow us to have such a wonderful Mediterranean climate here right odd the Atlantic


  2. What a mountain to climb my friend – great selfie! Lovely shots of the flora around you & you ended it off with a great lunch!


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