Ouroboros is a symbol that expresses the unity of all things, material and spiritual, which never disappear but perpetually change form in an eternal cycle of destruction and re-creation. I like to think of the word “destruction” as explained to me in this sense…… “destruction helps us let go of our past state of consciousness. It’s a vulnerable, humbling feeling. This humility allows us to ACCEPT AND RECEIVE the wonderful things we are creating for ourselves”. Therefore, in that sense of “destruction and re-creation” we say goodbye to our Portugal Paradise and return to our Canadian Camelot.

My favourite house-cleaner!!! He has certainly given Mr. Clean a run for his money this past two days

As happens at the end of our time here in Portugal we find ourselves in a place of happy remembrance, not nostalgia as we know we will be returning here and also, our point of years of reference is that we settle into our Canadian lives quickly, we get to spend time with the people who are so very important to us there, and I think living such different lives in both countries allows us to truly appreciate what is precious in general for us.

Having said that, this past little while has been filled with many things that have diverted our attention from actually leaving. Marc’s final exhibition here in the Algarve. He’s enjoyed being part of three of them this year and what a truly wonderful experience it’s been. He’s met new friends and acquaintances and cultivated quite a connection in general. His presence will remain here during the next few months thanks to his friendship with Bob Tidy, who will continue to include a few of Marc’s pieces in upcoming exhibitions. (Obrigado Bob) https://www.teamtidydigital.com/

We’ve returned to several favourite haunts for lunches, walks along the beach or in the hills, and when it’s been possible, we’ve stopped to say goodbye to folks that we will miss……most recently Susie Q, just this morning.

1st May; Dia do Trabalhador (Worker’s Day) The first of May is always a national holiday in Portugal, and celebrates every worker in the country. It’s common for people to organize parties and picnics for this date and this year was a warm and sunny day for just that. Here in the Algarve many homes will have images, such as this one that our neighbours put out, that represent the “workers”

Also, another thing about May 1st…..it is a traditional ‘start of spring’ holiday in Portugal and a day for protecting homes from evil for the year ahead by packing sprigs of yellow broom into doors and windows to ward off the devil for the rest of the year. I decided to photo the little church right beside us rather than the front of houses.

Yesterday was the Festa da Pinha here in Estoi and truly, this is exactly what it looked like from our terrace last night at 22h15. I have yet to discover the true roots of this festival but is is something we will miss and perhaps feel a bit nostalgic about from time to time!

Today has been about packing, visits with our neighbours here in the Quinta, cleaning, more visits with our neighbours, lunch on the terrace, then you guessed it, more visits with the neighbours. It’s an easy kind of day with beautiful sunshine, a rooster close by who keeps calling to us, our music is blaring away and I swear to you, five minutes ago Willie Nelson was singing “On the Road Again”!!!

Our little Quinta provides us with much colour and surprises frequently in terms of something new popping up from the earth that we hadn’t seen before.

Our final lunch on the terrace, roasted chicken with crudities and olives. Perfect for this temperature.

And so it goes……..these two Canadian Boys say farewell to our Portuguese Paradise till next time. BUT….stay tuned, there will be a Bordeaux Riverboat cruise coming up in September and I think there might just be a blog or two!!!

19 thoughts on “Ouroboros

  1. It has been a pleasure following along with you my friends – safe travels 🙏🏻❤️🌷


  2. Ken Mackenzie May 3, 2022 — 2:40 pm

    Wonderful journey. Thank you for sharing. Welcome back to Canada…..soon.


    1. Thanks Ken. Hopefully it’s all smooth sailing.


  3. Andrée-Anne Villeneuve May 3, 2022 — 2:55 pm

    Bon retour mes amis!✈️😘


  4. Safe travels as you return to your second home.


    1. Thanks. Enjoy the rest of your trip and send photos when you can.


  5. Thanks for sharing, safe travels home!


  6. It has been so wonderful following you both on the blog. I love seeing the scenery, the flowers, the hikes, the sea, the lunches! Safe travels and I hope to see you both back here in Ottawa. And maybe lunch on the 12th floor of William’s Court in Kanata some time soon?


  7. Thank you for letting me follow your many adventures. Getting to know your friends, villages, walking trails and beautiful pictures.
    Safe travels home my friend.


    1. Thank you for following along. I love it to know that friends are staying in touch through the blog. “Talk” to you on the other side!


  8. Safe travels as you return to Canada! I have so enjoyed following the blog & look forward to your next one. Hope the temps in Ottawa are warming up!


    1. Thanks Joannie…..thanks for following along and always commenting also. Much appreciated. Ottawa long term forecast is looking favorable!!


  9. Beautiful picture of you both! I hope your travels are interesting and safe.
    Love to you both. ❤️


    1. I’ll take safe but pass on interesting! LOL


  10. Gord and Freda May 9, 2022 — 12:55 pm

    Thanks for sharing your adventures in Portugal and welcome back to Canada.


    1. Thanks Gord and Freda, The flight home wasn’t bad at all and thank goodness the warmer weather accompanied us!!! Stay safe and enjoy spring.


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