Jet Lag is for the Birds!!

Normally by the fourth day we are nicely settled in terms of our jet lag but this time…..not happening!! Marc and I were both still awake at 2h30 while Joanne was sawing logs downstairs!!! The great part is….who cares…it’s not like we have to do anything the next day except perhaps meet friends for lunch then go for a lovely long walk on the beach. The hardships of life.

I will never tire of this lovely perspective as I sit sipping my morning java. The birds have a great time flitting in and out and today, at times the sound of the buzzing bees was all you hear. I find myself involuntarily smiling till my face hurts. This other little fellow I found imbedded in the house wall near the front door……..I love it as it reminds me of Dobby in the Harry Potter series.

We enjoyed a slow paced lazy morning, chatting, breakfast, laundry for Joanne, and of course our noses buried in our individual electronics reading our papers and playing our games. I have a feeling this routine will continue for our entire time here….well, not Joanne doing laundry everyday!!

The plan was to connect with James so he could follow us in his car, and join Pat and Gary for a first lunch out at one of our favourite old haunts.

We love going here and absorbing the local chatter, racing serving staff, and great food. Today was no exception to any of that. The place was packed shortly after we arrived.

There was also a veal dish with a Roquefort sauce but James and Marc were to busy eating to take a photo! What a great time catching up, laughing, making new memories. The collective groaning when we all sipped our first taste of the coffee was downright pornographic!!

From here we headed off to Barril Beach for a walk in the sand. More groans of happiness however somewhere along the route we lost James. Turns out he almost ran out of gas and had to stop at a station. Thankfully there will be other beach walks we can enjoy with him.

The Boys on the Beach……..sounds like a good movie!!

We noticed a couple of fashion models posing

And not to be outdone

All in all a wonderful first outing for our little group. There will be many more before we are done…..I feel a long hike in my future and I know I’ll have lots of company.

It’s imply sad that they can’t be happy huh?

12 thoughts on “Jet Lag is for the Birds!!

  1. What a beautiful picture of Pat and Gary at the end. The weather looks beautiful and I absolutely love the Dobby character. No hurry to do anything so relax and enjoy and jet lag will soon be a thing of the past. xoxoxo


    1. Woke up this morning at our normal time and we all think jetlag is done. It’s another gorgeous day as you’ll see in my next blog. Wish you were here for a hike or two, or three!


      1. Yes. I also wish I was there right about now. The hiking really appeals to me and I love the location you and Marc are renting in this year. New trails for you to explore. You might get to see that wild boar you keep looking for this year.

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  2. I love the little dobby character too!
    Oh it just looks so lovely there, the beautiful blue skies and the Sunshine itself just feels so full of goodness.
    I had to chuckle when I was looking at the photos of you guys at the restaurant for lunch, the first photo of all of you, the one Joanne is taking, Gary is staring at Pat and Marc is staring at Randy. LOL
    Poor James! Did he not know the way to get to the beach on his own? What a shame he missed out on the strolls along the beach. He missed those three gorgeous models as well! Personally I think they all need to show a little more skin. I love that Gary’s got his sandals off, he’s barefoot in the sand getting a nice little pedicure for himself. Could you please do me a favor Randy, for the sake of some people who don’t always enjoy looking things up, perhaps you could put some English names with the food and some of things you mention in the blog. I’ve been reading them long enough that I know what a lot of it is, however, there are some that may not.
    Anyhow continue on with your journeys and enjoy all the beautiful sun and colors and smells and tastes. I’m not one bit jealous.
    Love and hugs to you all.


    1. James did make it to the beach eventually, I had given him directions in the event we got separated. He enjoyed his walk in the sand and thankfully we’ll probably enjoy many more beach days. I will take your suggestion and put the English with the Portuguese. Bossy little sister. LOL


  3. Lovely posers

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  4. What a great day you had! Jet lag is a funny thing – sometimes I would adapt in a day & other times it would take a week, go figure! Great pictures of you all as you had lunch & a walk on the beach after. Great memories of places I have been with you guys.


    1. Thanks Joannie…….as you know, Pat, Gary, Marc and I love it here. It’s hard not to be happy in the sunshine and certainly, being able to bury our toes in the sand. We too carry memories of you here………and all the frango you ate….LOL


  5. More great pics. Thanks


  6. Awesome description 🥰🥰🥰
    Beautiful pictures 💞💞


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