We’re Not in Kansas Toto!

Vale do Lobo is a golf resort in the Algarve region of southern Portugal. Vale do Lobo comprises one of the three corners of the Golden Triangle of the Algarve’s most affluent and expensive communities. Which means there is absolutely nothing Portuguese about it!!! You could be anywhere in the world and for me, a totally boring experience. That said, it is where Marc has his meeting yesterday and so while he “met”, Joanne and I headed off for a walk, got caught in an unexpected rain storm and quickly resembled two drowned rats!

It was a dreary day for the most part, weatherwise, not company wise, and once we were done we headed home and enjoyed lunch on the terrace, activities around the property, and eventually, dinner and Dixit Chez The Keans, along with James and Jackson. We love how our little “community” here hangs out and socializes.

A couple of shots from our upstairs terrace yesterday morning, it really is delightfully pretty, abundantly green, and the slight mist gave it a special look.

More to come, later today.

1 thought on “We’re Not in Kansas Toto!

  1. I totally agree – golf boring! Lol

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