Creativity Reigns

It was our dear friend, Patricia Kean, who, a couple of trips ago, started saying each morning, “Oh No! Not another sunglasses day.” It’s become a bit of a mantra for Marc and myself since then and this morning, it’s the first thing I had to say when I woke up. Gorgeous, warm. brilliant sunshine streaming in our patio doors and windows. What a wonderful way to wake up.

We had agreed on a lazy pajama morning as we didn’t have to head off to Quinta da Tôr until 12h30. My kind of morning. Lots of rich dark coffee, fresh eggs with a side of sliced local strawberries, and lovely local cheese. After breakfast I headed out to the terrace to have a poke around and discovered that our massive bird of paradise bush is starting to bloom, in a few days it will be covered.

The exhibition at Quinta da Tôr is on display for six days, today the official opening. The plan was to deposit Marc in the winery, have a walk through ourselves to take in the various art. then head home to spend the afternoon preparing for a dinner party tomorrow night, then I would go back later in the day to collect Marc. It worked out just as planned.

I did take a few random shots of pieces that stood out to me and here is sampling, in no particular order. The artists are:

Marc Thivierge, Bob Tidy, Paulo Araújo, Patricia Faisca, and invited guest Ana Banon.

Bob and Marc in front of one of Paulo’s pieces

I was delighted to see James, Pat, and Gary, show up at well and their support meant a great deal to Marc/

James and myself enjoyed a lovely walk around the property, which is extensive and very inviting.

And my favourite flower in the garden today

Our dinner for tomorrow is well underway, dinner for tonight is baking in the oven as we “speak”, and I just arrived home from having collected Marc from day one. Sadly, no sales today for any of the artists but lots of days ahead.

Ciao por enquanto todos.

8 thoughts on “Creativity Reigns

  1. Such a variety of subject matter in the art you showed us. I’m sad the show is over before I arrive, I’d have liked to see it in person. Lovely grounds, flora and fauna, (ie all you guys). I don’t think I’ve ever seen Marc’s hair this short, I miss the curls, but expect they’ll be sprouting by the time I see him.


    1. Well that’s what happens when you come so late in the season!! LOL I’m sure you can have a special showing on a certain artists pieces if you’re a good girl. Marc has had his hair shorter than this, I think he feels he’s done with the curls. You never know though.


  2. First of all, congrats to Marc and the other artists on their grand opening. I hope they will each be successful in selling a piece or two.
    I love the Pittosporum!! Reminds me of a Frangi Panni flower.
    Your day sounded lovely. Happy you are getting sunshine! Great pic of you and Marc at the end of post.


    1. Thanks! It was a lovely day, every day with sunshine is for us…LOL Yes, I too quite like that flowering shrub, it has a faint sweet odor.


  3. Great photos of the artwork – lots of Color & creativity! Wishing the artists success in their sales. Lovely flowers as well. Nice pictures of everybody.


    1. Thanks Joannie…..I too hope they all sell a painting or two. They have another exhibition opening this Friday in Olhão, which is more accessible to the public.


  4. I loved your post today… great colourful artworks, gorgeous flowers and wonderful photos of your peeps! Especially beautiful photo of you and Marc…so handsome!
    Best of luck to Marc and fellow artists this week…fingers and toes crossed! 🤗🤗


    1. Yes, colour was certainly the word of the day. As I mentioned, that was simply a sampling of what was on display. Much creativity within that group of artists.


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