A Little of Dis and a Little of Dat

This cold weather that has settled over the Algarve is not winning any brownie points with me! Yes, of course there is no snow and we don’t have to shovel anything but, I don’t enjoy eating breakfast while bundled up like the Michelin Man!!! Enough already, bring back my sunshine and most importantly, warmth.

I feel lighter having gotten that off my chest!! LOL

We ran a couple of errands this morning………….first thing was to go and visit a house that we had been wanting to see. Gorgeous inside and I love the quirkiness and the lovely azulejos tiles outside. This might be our home away from home in 2024.

Hanging around in the sunshine on our terrace, yes, it was much warmer outside……….and lunch always tastes better in the sunshine.

Mid afternoon we headed to Olhão as Marc’s vernissage was from 16h00 to 19h00 and once we dropped him off, James, Joanne, and I enjoyed a walk about in the old part of town before heading back to the gallery. I found a wall of murals that I hadn’t seen before, tucked around the corner from an area I had explored in trips past.

I took a few shots at the exhibition, some of the pieces that spoke to me.

Then dinner in Olhão with Marc, James, Joanne, Pat, Gary, John, and Noreen (friends of P&G’s who recently arrived). Fabulous pizza all around. These are Marc’s and mine.

And so closes another day in this special place we affectionately refer to as our “home away from home”.

Boa noite por enquanto.

4 thoughts on “A Little of Dis and a Little of Dat

  1. Andrée-Anne Villeneuve January 27, 2023 — 10:38 pm

    Are you rent this house en entier? Is it in Tavira? For shure I will be back next year…. Xxx to all of you!


    1. We “might” rent it, not yet decided. It is two bedrooms, two bathrooms, but much smaller than we are used to having. We would love it if you came here next year. Big Hugs.


  2. The little house you looked at ask your potential home away from home in 2024 looks quite nice. Does it have a terrace at the back that you can have some outdoor area? Where is it?
    Oh goodness, is that beautiful flower a Cistus? I just love their crumpled up, papery look. It’s probably one of my favorite flowers there after my Freesia.
    The murals that you found are absolutely beautiful! It’s just got to be so wonderful to walk around a corner and come across beautiful murals, all the beautiful flowers and all the colorful houses Portugal has. Not to mention the beautiful countryside and all the trails and walking paths. You guys are really living the life. That of course makes me happy because I get to see the beautiful pictures and it’s almost like I’m there for a little bit.
    All in all it sounds like a nice day, I did enjoy those artworks that you showed, a couple of them really stood out to me.
    Your blog did not come in via my email by the way. I had to go to your main site and choose to see them. Perhaps I’ve fallen off your list of followers.


    1. Believe it or not, that flower is on a shrub related to a potato plant! You’re still on my list so not sure what happened there. Go and check your spam just in case it went in there.


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