Solo Wanderings

We’ve been enjoying a fairly active pace since arriving here, which I love, but every now and then I simply feel the need to wander off on my own. Today I took advantage of the sunshine and a day to myself and headed off early morning with a “sort of” list of things I needed to do and a few things I simply wanted to do. Marc and Joanne were both content to stay at home and hang out which gave me the permission I needed to head off.

My first stop was a quick visit with Pat and Gary to wish Norine and John a bon voyage as they head off to Porto tomorrow.

I eventually wound my way to Fuzeta, parked near the old church, then spent a couple of hours simply wandering up and down tiny cobblestoned streets, along the fishing harbour, and finally, socks and shoes off and a lovely stroll in the warm sand. I think I must have resembled some of the nearby seabirds, my head bobbing up and down and I went back and forth along the shoreline, soaking up rays, but mostly reveling in how the sand felt squishing around between my toes. Bliss!

I came across many flowering plants and shrubs, a couple that I had not seen before.

That last plant, it was actually an enormous tree, that I cannot identify. It looks close up like a bottle bush plant but the blooms are in fact only about two inches long and very slender. I will keep hunting to find out what it is.

I always feel such an affinity with Fuzeta as it was my first introduction to the Algarve. I have spent many wonderful times, and created so many special memories in and around the town, the salt flats, the beaches. Being there and wandering in silence is such a gift for me.

I met up with an old colleague/friend, Gord West, and along with his wonderful wife, Freda, and her son Shaun, we had a good gab, a wander down to the old main square for a coffee and a few chuckles. We’ll certainly be seeing each other again while they are here. It was great to “catch up”

Freda, Shaun, and Gord

I feel sated with my day, almost a bit Zen. And in closing…….this…..something I spotted over a fence that I would love to have seen closer and certainly ask the question……WHY?

8 thoughts on “Solo Wanderings

  1. Indeed, why? But it makes me chuckle, so maybe that’s all the why one needs.


  2. Sounds like you had a great ‘solo’ day Randy! So nice to meet up with old friends along the way today. So nice to see a picture of John & Noreen as I haven’t seen them since Pat & Gary lived in New Maryland. Nice to meet up again with Gord & Freda and her son and a future visit, I guess.


    1. You’ve got that right Joan. There is nothing like old friends and I love being able to see them in a context so different from home. What a grand life I get to live.


  3. Gord, Freda and Shaun February 6, 2023 — 9:08 pm

    Kind words from a kind individual. Thank you Randy. It was indeed a pleasure to catch up. We look forward to meeting with you and Marc and the gang very soon.


  4. So nice to spend some time with yourself reflecting on days gone by, in such a beautiful, warm, welcoming place, packed with wonderful memories and thoughts of making more in the near future! I’d say a perfect day with your three best friends!


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