A Perfect Day to Stay Inside

If we’ve had one consistent factor so far during this, our time at our home away from home to avoid our Canadian winter, it’s been the unpredictable, and less than stellar weather!!! In all my many years spending lengthy times here I have never known it to be this cold or changeable.

Today was supposed to be a day of steady rain but a warm temperature. That sort of appealed to me, especially the warmer temperature. It did rain, heavily, earlier today but that stopped, skies cleared up and the sun peeped out from time to time and I thought excitedly that I might get a long walk in. When I checked the temperature it hadn’t gotten above 12 degrees, and that, combined with the dampness is not at all to my liking.

Here is our sky at the moment.

All that said, I remain a good hearty Canadian and during the calm I grabbed my camera and headed out, not all that far from home in the event of another downpouring, just to stretch my legs and see what splashes of colour I could find to entertain myself. Marc is busy making a bullion, from our roasted chicken of last night (merci mon mari). Joanne wandered up to the junction near our farm road to take care of our recycle (merci mon amie) and has returned and is now working on a jigsaw puzzle, while I’m sitting here nursing a lemon tea (yes the lemon is off a tree from our garden), all the while we enjoy our music library playing over our Bose.

I did find colour, Mother Nature never lets me down.

Despite the on and off darkness of the sky one doesn’t have to look far for inspiration and something to please the senses.

Our front door doesn’t function as the owner was never provided with a key and despite efforts, has been unable to get one made as the lock is of an ancient sort!!! He likes the old door very much and consequently, doesn’t want to replace it. To compensate they have placed this rather tacky looking bell at the door frame and imagine my surprise when I pulled the cord and found a beautiful melodious sound. It’s started to rust a little but still is attractive.

Andy my final shot of today that really pleased me. These rosemary flowers are the size of a small pea at best. Just look at the detail…………gorgeous. On most days the plant is vibrating with the sound and presence of bees, happily humming and flitting all about.

4 thoughts on “A Perfect Day to Stay Inside

  1. Lovely post! I felt like I wanted to get back into my pjs reading it. It just felt like that kind of a day. Everyone needs a super relaxed day like that from time to time.
    Marc looked happy in the kitchen. Always has that big smile.


    1. Thanks, he does love contributing in this way.


  2. those dark old clouds but the flowers overcome those clouds


    1. Yes, you’re right, they always bring a splash of sunshine


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