Some Days are Just like That!

The best laid plans of mice and men. We had a number of things to accomplish yesterday, starting with an early morning run into Olhão for the groceries (check) followed by a trip to our mountain bakery for fresh bread…..fig and almond, plus two loaves of sesame (check) then a trip to Estoi where Marc was to meet with a friend (Bob) which sadly didn’t happen as something came up and Bob wasn’t able to make it BUT…..Marc ran into our quinta friends from other years (Aus and Sue) and had a lovely “catch-up”. It all works out in the end. and no time feels wasted.

On dropping Marc at the square, I had headed over to the quinta on foot for a visit with James and Jackson. Aus and Sue returned home while I was there (they are James neighbours this year) and I too enjoyed a visit and conversation. We’ve met such wonderful people here over the years and it truly is enjoyable to meet up with them again and reconnect.

By this time it was past our normal lunch hour and, as we had left Joanne at home, getting into goodness knows what kind of mischief, we headed home and enjoyed lunch together.

I always need to move after a meal therefore I grabbed my camera and headed out for a short walk around the property and nearby roads.

I had not noticed this huge rock on the ground just inside our gates. I’m not sure the significance but somebody obviously took the time to set it up so it must mean something special.

There are a couple of old abandoned buildings very near us and I managed to climb over a rock wall and explore a little. This old chimney, still standing erect on the top of a very dilapidated building interested me. There are berry brambles and other shrubs in various states of decay and chaos but no sign of any life there in quite some time.

I truly take sure pleasure in wandering around, the birds curious about my presence, flitting in and about the bushes with me, and cocking their heads with curiosity, and usually the only other sound I hear is their chirping and song. I’m starting to see signs of things pushing out of the ground and anticipate a plethora of wild flowers in the next little while. I’m thinking with the type of terrain around us, we might even find some orchids when the time comes.

I arrived home to this wonderful face with the smells of cooking and the sounds of jazz and shortly after, a visit from Pat and Gary.

We enjoyed a walk up the mountain side near the house, exploring near an old farm and high into the moutain to take in the vistas then back to the house.

An easy day with much accomplished, a smattering of the unexpected, and a healthy splash of spontaneity. Our life here is like that, plus a lovely undercurrent of calmness that carries over from one day to the next and brings us such pleasure. It’s now “the next day” and we have rain in the forecast. So far the morning has produced several healthy downpours with the occasional burst of brilliant blue sky, that doesn’t last but is appreciated nonetheless. A perfect day to stay close to home, relax and read or maybe even the day to start a jigsaw puzzle. Stay tuned!

8 thoughts on “Some Days are Just like That!

  1. Another wonderful day in Paradise! Nicely paced and calm….I am looking forward to the spring flowers! 🤗🤗


    1. And me too, can’t wait for the orchids!


  2. Happy days!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. your narrative calms me down…..:)


    1. What a lovely compliment. Merci mon amie!


  4. Sounds so perfect with the birds and flowers


    1. Spring here is so long and lovely. It spreads out over months and unfolds slowly. I love it!


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