The Dawning of Aquarius!!

Feliz aniversário birthday boy. James arriving to head out for his birthday lunch at Casa dos Presuntos na Cortelha

Following our second night of heavy rain we had to change out plans for the day which consisted of a 2+ hour long hike at Barranco do Velho followed by lunch at Casa dos Presuntos na Cortelha. All chosen by James to celebrate his special day. Instead, because we were concerned regarding the conditions of the forest trail, we decided to forego the hike and we left a little later to head to the village of Corelha for our 13h00 reservation.

James, Rob, Anne, and I had ordered the oven roasted lamb, served with roast potatoes, and carrots. This plate to the left is the serving for James and myself, Rob and Anne had another identical. Gary, Marc, and Joanne had the pig cheeks but sadly the photo I took was completely blurred. Suffice to say, their servings were equal to ours! The other enormous dish was for Patricia, Cozido à portuguesa (a boiled dinner). Just look at that happy face!!

Only two folks managed to order a dessert…..any guesses who that might have been???

All in all a veritable feast and although there was some food left, for the most part major dents were made in all the dishes. The restaurant was lively, busy, and the portions, as you can see, gigantic. An excellent way to celebrate.

Our crew of Rob, Anne, Joanne, myself, James (the birthday boy), Pariicia, and Gary. The next photo just replace me with Marc!

AS the day had cleared and it was a shame to be so close to the hiking trail and not check it out, we decided to stop and walk a short distance just to burn off a tiny portion of lunch.,

It’s always wonderful to meet new people, share in good times with old friends, and of course any excuse to celebrate is always welcomed.

Happy Birthday James.

17 thoughts on “The Dawning of Aquarius!!

  1. Happy Birthday James! I have never met you in person but I sure feel I know you after all these years of following the Canadian boys blogs each year! Oh and I love to see Jackson!


    1. Merci, I’ll pass it along to James


  2. Wow…lots of food. Happy birthday James.


    1. Yes, huge portions!! I’ll pass your greetings along


  3. Happy Birthday James!!! You’re getting a bit of colour in your face from the Portuguese weather, it looks great on you.

    That’s a beautiful picture of you all….well pictures. You all look like you’re having way too much fun!! LOL

    The lunches look amazing, wow at all that food. The fig roll looked like something I would choose too.
    Keep having a blast everyone.


    1. Yup, it sure was a good lunch and nobody left there hungry!


  4. Happy birthday, James. Looks like a wonderful celebration.


    1. Hope you’re having a wonderful time in Porto. Will pass your wishes along to James


  5. Thank you everyone for your birthday wishes. It’s been a marvellous day and a huge thank you to Randy and Marc for organizing it.

    Hugs and love

    James & Jackson


  6. Your lunches look fabulous…probably very little dinner needed! Oven roasted lamb for me all the way! Wonderful group shots and the one of James says it all…’I am a lucky man!’ A birthday celebration to be remembered! We’ll done!


    1. Twas lovely and yes, no dinner for any of us this evening. Still full at 22h00


  7. Wish James Happy Birthday from me. I’m salivating over that lamb dinner. Yum!!!


    1. It was tender and oh so flavourful. Drool


  8. Sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday.


    1. It was but, at our age, any way is a good way to celebrate a birthday hahaha


  9. Happy Birthday James!!
    Looks and sounds like you enjoyed a memorable birthday. The food looked divine and oh my what gigantic portions!
    Love the pictures of you all.


    1. Yes, huge portions for sure. When he first brought our lamb to the table we thought it was for the four of us who had ordered it….not so, two minutes later they got their own! So succulent and tender.


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