Market Day in Estoi

If you’ve followed me over the years you will probably recall that I have always loved market day in Estoi (the 2nd Sunday of every month). The vibrancy of colours, voices, sounds of animals, the scents, combined with the overall energy of the market grounds simply charms me and never fails to leave me with a big smile plastered on my face as I wander around. It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve experienced it, it makes me feel alive, and I love that.

The day was, once again, cloudy but happily no rain in our corner of the world. We bundled up in warmer clothing than I would have liked to be putting on and headed over. We had agreed to meet James near the quinta and wander down to the square together.

There is always a cluster of old men hanging around the entrance gabbing, laughing, and arguing, while they (probably) wait for their wives to take care of the shopping. It’s lively and fun to watch them. We agreed to meet back here at some point, which frees us to wander at will and take as long as we like.

We bought fresh cheese, strawberries, avocados, oregano, and a certain person in our group bought a gorgeous cashmere scarf…it wasn’t me, and it wasn’t Marc!! I clocked it off on my Fitbit (for fun) and we actually walked enough, wandering up and down the rows, sometimes more than once, to cover 5.25 km!! Not bad huh?

A short walk back to James’s (he is busy this afternoon with two online seminars), a visit in the courtyard then a quick trip to the grocery store on the way home for water and pellets. Another wonderful day.

8 thoughts on “Market Day in Estoi

  1. I love the 4 o’clocks, the salt fish and the dates. It looks cold there!! I’m happy to see you all just bundle up and head out.


    1. It’s not cold as much as it is the wind. Quite the nip. I just finished gorging on strawberries…..fabulous


  2. I have to say the Estoi market looked lovely but a bit chilly for you guys! Having said that you managed to get some great purchases. Here’s hoping it starts to warm up for you guys! 💕


    1. Thanks Joannie…..I do enjoy that market and yes, we are just having a strawberry mousse right now…yummy


  3. I love that market.
    The people the wares and the smells I can only imagine. Nice ce pics hon.


    1. Thanks darlin’, you’d probably go mad there as it’s simply overwhelming the first couple of times. So much energy and vibrancy


  4. I can hardly believe that we were so close and did not take in the market. Great pics and, as always, a most interesting read. Thanks!


    1. Yes, me too. Santa Catarina da Fonte do Bispo is the 4th Sunday of the month. This coming Sunday is Quelfes but don’t bother, it’s usually not that great.


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