A Day of Nothing,Nada,Nein and Loving It!

Some days when you wake up you simply know that you’re going to waste your time trying to accomplish anything. That’s exactly how I felt when I woke up this morning! I guess however it’s all relative.

We did make a trip to the Faro Forum (shopping centre) to do a small grocery shop and stretch our legs. Then, after returning home, I did walk to the end of our road to check the mail and be honestly able to say I had taken a “walk” but that’s it. Jigsaw puzzles, reading, browsing the web, listening to music, and of course, gabbing. That’s been the extent of it.

I did see a flock of sheep while walking, and I fed the dogs down the lane a “doggie treat”……they don’t bark at us aggressively any longer. It’s now a sort of whining asking whether or not we have a treat for them! Today I told them to “sit” and much to my surprise, they both did. I then took it a step further and told one of them to be “gentle” as he normally almost takes a finger while gobbling his treat. Today, he was so gentle and again, surprised me. I think they crave love and attention.

A few of Mother Natures masterpieces from my little jaunt.

And there you have it, a day in the life of Riley!

The expression “the life of Riley” means that you have an easy and stress-free lifestyle. 

3 thoughts on “A Day of Nothing,Nada,Nein and Loving It!

  1. Sounds like a lovely relaxing day! Love the flowers especially the borage. I had a restful day as well, due to the huge snowstorm we got in the last 24 hrs – we have probably about 50cm of snow! I had to push the snow away from the back door to open it & can’t even open the front door. Tomorrow looks like a better day & cleaning up the snow will take some time.


    1. I had seen the storm online and wondered how you were faring. Sounds overwhelming from my point of view!!! I simply love being away from the snow. I hope you have someone to shovel you out? Stay warm. Big hugs


      1. I have a great company who plows the driveway & scoops out the front walkway to get rid of the snow banks thankfully. I do the rest of the shovelling & clean off the car. It doesn’t take too long. Today will be a pleasant temp to be outside.

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