Just for the “Sweet Tooth” Friends

Another dullish day however we still manage to keep ourselves busy and content. This morning I headed over to our new favourite paderia and picked up a couple of loaves of bread plus the requisite chorizo buns!! The entire way home in the car I was tempted to rip off a chuck of the heavenly scented bread and start eating! I resisted.

Once home we finished our jigsaw puzzle before lunch, had to wait while the chorizo buns reheated!

During lunch I suggested we take a drive out to Marieta’s Café for a bica and perhaps a treat, a way to break up the day, take some fresh air, and get a little leg stretching in.

Folks are continually asking me why we don’t post more photos of desserts………simply because we don’t order them…but I thought this a lovely opportunity to tease a few folks….you’ll know who you are.

Of course we enjoyed a little something outselves…..it wasn’t just for a photo opportunity.

Joanne ate this gigantic méringue!!!!

Marc had the almond/orange/nut roll while I had a simple apple pastry…..both phenomenally good. A meandering drive home checking out a few” never been down before” roads, a stop at Aldi’s for a couple of things and here we are, back home, each settled into their own activity.

Tomorrow our usual warm temperatures and that big yellow orb that I love so much are scheduled to make a return and hopefully stay. I can’t wait to take my daily dose of vitamin D directly from the font tomorrow.

10 thoughts on “Just for the “Sweet Tooth” Friends

  1. I know I’m one of those you referred to in your Marietta’s bit. I can’t wait for an apple tart! (Tell Pat and Gary they were right on the money with their noodge). 3 weeks today, I’ll be in front of that counter. Where is the Aldi you go to. I know there’s one in Tavira. Get that sun up and shining.


    1. LOL, yes, indeed you were right at the top of that list! Aldi’s is literally at the first round about as you enter Olhao…..very close for you. Stick with me baby, I’ll show you all the hot spots.


  2. Those desserts look amazing! I would go for the apple pastry or Napoleon ones. Love your puzzle & nice to hear your weather is improving.


    1. People are loving all the sweet stuff. LOL


  3. That’s more like it my favourite food yum yum


    1. Ha ha. You and so many others. People have been loving it!


  4. Phenomenal puzzle! Out of my league! Glad it’s warming for you….it was 15 degrees C here in London yesterday and people were in shorts! Way too early for trees to be budding, still more winter to come, I’m sure.
    Desserts look very good! And probably taste even better!


    1. I heard about your lovely warm temperatures. I agree, it won’t last but it sure must have felt nice on the face. Lots of fun emails and comments on the dessert blog…..people with a sweet tooth are pretty funny!!


  5. How did I miss this post and more importantly how did I not sniff out Marieta’s on one of our drives to Ohlåo or Faro??? It is on our “must visit” list for this week.


    1. LOL. I know that you will not walk away from the experience and unhappy man. Enjoy. Don’t forget Mardi Gras tomorrow.


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