Finally..Sunshine and The Beach!

All of our doors and windows were opened today, the sunshine kissed breeze blowing gently throughout and cobwebs were moved, both from the corners of the rooms as well as our bones!! We all feel rejuvenated this evening having been aired out and loaded up on vitamin D.

One happy man am I.

I headed off towards the east end of the island, the goal was to stretch out my legs, enjoy the sunshine, the breeze, the sound of the sea, and be back in time for lunch at 12h30 on the patio at Wax. I just made it in time!

The sea is always amazing but today, that underlying roar of the undertow, the fizzy effervescence of the waves as they hit the shoreline, and each other then roll back into the sea was pure music to my ears. The beach was not as congested as I had thought it would be, which frankly, was fine with me. My walk was 1 hour 26 minutes, a distance of 7,95 km, all of this is the sand and barefoot. For the most part I was alone. I arrived back at the terrace of Wax just after 12h30.

The city of Faro from the far east end of Praia da Ilha de Faro. The airport, and runways are just west of this, just outside my photo frame. Planes coming and going regularly.

There were quite a few fishers enjoying the sunshine, most of them using two long poles each and comfortably ensconced in their beach chairs, hats pulled low over their eyes, probably snoozing! I did come across this supposedly discarded net and buoys, covered in shells and “critters”.

The waves the entire time were just magical, my own personal light and sound show

Lunch was enjoyed, interspersed with verbal gratitude for our appreciation of the “circumstance” of the day. Lunch was drawn out, relaxing, the patio filling up throughout our time there, and a small line-up by the time we left there, just after 14h00.

Most certainly, having been either a lizard or a cat in a previous life, I for one have been completely revived by this wonderful day of visiting sunshine and warmth. I hope it’s not fleeting but sticking around for a bit. It’s going to take more than one day of it to warm up these tired old bones.

13 thoughts on “Finally..Sunshine and The Beach!

  1. Ahhhhh, sunshine!
    I’m so glad you guys finally got a nice sunny day to enjoy. A trip to the beach, just to be able to walk along the beach, listening to the waves crashing, the sounds and the smells … That would be wonderful to me. Oh yes, shoes off to get a lovely pedicure from nature.
    Everybody’s lunch look delicious, your pizza looked really good today Randy.
    I hope the sunshine continues for you all.
    Love to you all.


    1. It was absolutely wonderful to be in the sunshine today.


  2. It is amazing how the Sun rejuvenates us all


  3. Beautifully written, this was an excerpt out of a book. The sounds of the sea, waves and sand,, my happy place.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. My heart longs for Faro Beach…gorgeous blue sky, warm sand and ‘legs’! Everyone’s lunch looked fabulous, especially Marc’s, which would have been my choice. I almost took a bite out of my iPad to taste it!! LOL! I hope the sunshine lingers until your departure date!


    1. “departure date”…..those are dirty words Missy!!!! LOL. WE have a big yellow ball in the forecast for the foreseeable future.


      1. Sounds heavenly!

        Liked by 1 person

  5. So happy to hear you finally got some sunshine. I love walking the beach and might do that on Saturday. Did Jackson enjoy romping on the beach?
    Your lunch looked delicious. I would have been happy with any of the 4 choices.


    1. Jackson loved the beach but stayed on his leash. It truly was a wonderful experience, lazy, long, and leisurely.


  6. Wow, so nice to have a wonderful day at the beach with sun & bare feet! Your meals at Wax looked so good, especially Jame’s smoked salmon sandwich! That is inspiring me get some smoked salmon tomorrow after we get a bit of an freezing rain weather.


    1. Yes his sandwich was wonderful, especially the fresh baguette. I’ve made note for my next trip there.


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