Sunshine on my Shoulders Makes me Happy

An early morning for us as we had to make a trip to Loulé to collect Marc’s art by 9 a.m.. I am so not used to moving quickly in the mornings since retirement, and that’s been almost 13 years now, that my body and mind were completely out of sync. Thank goodness for strong black coffee.

Our task accomplished and home by 9h05! We collect Joanne, got ourselves further organized, and headed off for the Olhão market on this bright, sunny, and warm Saturday morning.

The sunshine had brought out many shoppers and the lively and vibrant feel of the market was quite enjoyable. We wandered, picked up the things we came for and a few things we didn’t come for and then we were lucky enough to find a table in our favourite corner, directly in the sun and perfect for people watching. And speaking of people watching, along came Pat and Gary. A lovely visit, a discussion that led to spontaneous plans for the balance of the day, then all of us off to the grocery store before meeting back at our place.

I’ve been wanting to drive into Estoi, which is where we have lived for the past several winters while here in the Algarve, park the car and enjoy a mountainside walk. It seemed to be just the ideal day for that and folks were in total agreement, and so it was.

A perfect way to segue into early afternoon, burn off lunch, and spend quality time together catching up and making new memories. While we hiked the time away Marc was at home preparing a mouthwatering dinner of curried meatballs in a dense rich tomato sauce. James was otherwise occupied and turned our invitation down.

My happy chef, enjoying the sunshine, a cold beer, and delighted to have company to cook for and a pleasant evening before us.

And so ends a fabulous Saturday for this group of retired Canadians, happy with their Portugal lifestyle.

6 thoughts on “Sunshine on my Shoulders Makes me Happy

  1. I am jealous – what a lovely way to spend a warm, sunny day and dinner sounds delicious.


    1. Don’t be jealous. It truly is gorgeous here with the constant sunshine and green.


  2. Envious although it was lovely weather here as well. Why does Marc always look so glum in his photos 😉 Isn’t retirement grand!


    1. LOL. He’s always happy when I get home!! And yes, aren’t we all the lucky ones with our retirements. It’s good to have a plan huh?


  3. Marc, tu portes bien l’orange de ton chandail!


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