Happy Hikers

It turned out to be a perfect day for heading off, a fresh chorizo/cheese bun and a bottle of water in the knap-sack, for a day of unorganized exploration and spontaneous hikes. This evening we are tired but elated with how it all unfolded.

I had been wanting to explore the tiny nearly “ghost town” of Javali, which is slightly north of São Brás. The drive through the valley was breathtakingly beautiful. The mimosa trees are either in full bloom or bursting open and consequently, in addition to the beautiful yellow colour interspersed throughout the trees, the scent in the air is simply indescribable. Sweet and syrupy without being overwhelming.

Once in Javali, or on the outskirts, we parked and headed off on our first exploration of the day.

We didn’t see a single person in the village, or frankly, any sign of life until we headed back towards the car when we came across a young man working on a construction beside the main road. We have to wonder what they might be constructing when there is no other human life around there.

We decided to head deeper into the northern part of the valley when suddenly we saw a sign:


Not that we needed an excuse but what a great one it was, to pull over, park the car and head upwards on a very old, well worn road. Turned out to be a great walk, both in terms of exercise, views, and distance. Just what I was hoping for.

We both got quite the workout from this exploration, which gave us both pink cheeks!! Not at all certain of the distance it was heading in and out but I’d guess around 5 km given the number of steps we got in. We hopped in the car and headed onward to our final stop for the morning, Parises.

We had made arrangements to meet with Pat and Gary at Fonte Benémola, which was about half an hour from where we were. Having picked up freshly baked chorizo/cheese buns for lunch, we made the drive then found a quiet place to sit and eat while we waited for them to arrive. We had worked up an appetite but additionally, the buns were delectable and full of flavour. In addition to the cheese and chorizo, there seemed to be a small layer of some sort of green herb, to my taste it was fresh sage but not certain. In any case, lots of lip smacking and moaning with contentment.

Pat and Gary arrived and off we headed, the four of us, to further enjoy the sunshine, each others company, and the walk along the active burbling river then up the other side, through the cork forest and back to our cars.

What a marvelous and full day it turned out to be. By the time we arrived home I had covered 13,75 km (on foot) and was ready for a long hot shower. It was a bit muggy for me today and as I had opted to wear long pants, I was looking forward to washing the day away. Tomorrow is Mardi Gras and there are tentative plans to head to Moncarapacho mid to late afternoon to enjoy the “cortejo e desfile de carros alegóricos” (parade and floats), which will, as history has shown us, be a great deal of fun.

11 thoughts on “Happy Hikers

  1. Enjoying the stories and your collective adventures.


    1. Thanks Ken. Muchly appreciated. Hope you’re both well.


      1. Doing great. Thanks for asking. Enjoy the upcoming festival

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  2. I absolutely loved today’s hike! Wish I had been there with you. The flowers and trees are gorgeous and love that someone has a sense of humour based on the graffiti . I closed my eyes and could smell the freesia.


    1. I thought of you a couple of times when I was wandering down an unknown road, not knowing how long it would take, where it would end up etc.. I knew you too would enjoy that. As for the freesia, you smelled it long before you saw it……just gorgeous.


  3. Quite the hike you guys had today! Enjoyed all the lovely flowers and the pine trees were perfect & I am sure you slept well tonight! Enjoy the parade tomorrow.


    1. Thanks Joannie, it sure was a great day and yes, slept the sleep of the angels last night.


  4. When I first pulled up your blog and saw your heading picture, I was thrilled! What beautiful bunch of freesia! Such a beautiful color. I only wish I could be there to push my face right into them and just breathe in!!!!
    I really must inquire around and see if I can find any, either the market, or from a flower shop around town. I would love to spoil myself with a big bouquet of them. The scent they would create in my apartment really would bring me joy.
    I loved the picture where you were down lower by the ‘Forest’ of mimosas. It was just a lovely peaceful picture and the color of the Mimosa was like a big sunny patch in all that rich green.
    I had a bit of a chuckle at the picture of Joanne under the sign of the elderly people crossing. Tell her that’s how I feel everyday. LOL
    Enjoy the Mardi Gras tomorrow. I expect lots of interesting pictures of it in the next blog.
    Love and hugs to all.


    1. Yes, of course I thought of you with the freesia. You know, you should go to a garden center and buy yourself a couple of bulbs. Next winter you could put them in a container and force them inside like people do with paperwhites and amaryllis. It would smell amazing and I am sure they would last for a good month or more once open.


  5. It will, indeed, be fun. We were at Alte on Sunday and loved every second. Paderne is lovely too. I’m not so fond of the ‘big one’ at Loule, but my husband loves it so we’re heading there today.
    We were walking up at Sao Romao last week. A lovely part of the world. Happy Carnavale!


    1. Happy Carnevale to you also. We, like you, avoid Loulé, only because it’s so crowded and we’ve been so many times. I prefer the smaller places at this point. I love that you live here yet you still get out and explore and visit places. That’s my ideal.

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