The tradition of carnival began several centuries ago by Catholics in Italy who started holding a wild costume festival the night before the first day of Lent.

Because Catholics are not supposed to eat meat during that period, they called their festival carnevale, which means ‘to put away the meat’. I love it…who knew?

As time passed, carnivals in Italy grew in popularity, and the practice spread to France, Spain and eventually all the Catholic countries in Europe, including Portugal. who took with them their tradition of celebrating carnival.

We have gone to various towns and villages to enjoy the festivities and Moncarapacho remains one of our favourites, perhaps because it’s more family oriented and a bit smaller. Enjoy our shots from today…..caption free!


  1. Quite an event! Great costumes. What costumes did you, Marc and Joanne wear😝😝


    1. We dressed as enthusiastic Canadians!!


  2. Love that so many participate and the costumes are wonderful. I’m sure it was a fun day.


    1. It sure was. Just home now from one of our classical music concerts in the mountains. Lovely day


  3. Looks like a lot fun! All the kids are so cute – love the little guy in the bakers outfit!


    1. Yes, him and the little fellow dressed as police. Cute as can be


  4. What a day! It looks like everyone was having quite the time. I love that so many participate, men and women alike. It would have to draw you in and put a big smile on your face to be in the midst of it all.
    I hope you all had fun day with it.


    1. We love it and yes, it’s so great that all, young and old, male and female, participate.


  5. A good time had by all. We had friends at Moncarapacho too.


    1. Yes, lots of wonderful energy and so many happy faces. The little kids make watching it so much fun.

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  6. Thanks for sharing this

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