The Birthday Fairy Hath Cometh!

Anyone who knows me well knows that I love my birthday. I can’t explain exactly why, I simply do. I have never had an issue with getting older, frankly I embrace it, and look forward to every day I get to enjoy life on this earth.

A perfect lazy morning, spoiled with surprise balloons (merci Marc), a “special” breakfast (merci Pat M), and loads of cards, good wishes, emails, and video messages. I feel loved and pampered.

Lunch was of my chosing…..O Constantino in Santa Catarina da Fonte do Bispo….we go there just so we can say the destination out loud several times while driving there!!! We had an extremely memorable meal at the restaurant last year by accident and when reminded of that (thank you Patricia Kean) it was a no brainer. We were not disappointed again this year.

The food at O Constantino is generous, freshly made, flavourful, a varied menu, and absolutely delicious. Several of us had the “ensopado de veado com pão e batatas fritas” (venison stew with fried bread and potatoes). I wish I could describe sufficiently the texture and taste. A dense rich dark broth, lots of garlic, served over fried day old bread then covered in tender chunks of venison and then layers of thinly sliced fried potatoes. Perfection to the taste buds! Even though I am full, I salivate thinking of it again. There was a serving of “javali” (wild boar) served in the same fashion. “Frango” (roasted chicken) (I forgot to take a photo) and finally, “lulas fritas” (fried squid). I can assure you everyone loved their choice and nobody left hungry.

Although I do not have a sweet tooth at all, they had a dessert of the day, which was medronho cake, a light fluffy eggwhite type cake with crushed fresh almonds and medronho fruit. I had to try it as I love the fruit.

It was quite lovely but not being a sugar eater, it gave me a headache…….I wore it well!!

André joined me in a dessert and ordered the rolled orange cake……I noticed his plate was cleaned of every crumb so I assume it too was delicious.


After lunch Marc, Joanne, and I headed off for a couple of errands in Tavira followed by a backroads return trip for home. We made a couple of stops, one of them in a field full of plum trees, just bursting into flower.

I also saw a totally interesting succulent in bloom today that I don’t think I’ve seen in the past. It reminded me of candy stripers!

And finally, one of my favourites every year…..I love it when I see my first one of the “season”. It’s called a Hottentot Fig. I love that name.

What a grand and wonderful birthday it’s been again this year. I am now officially on day one of my 69th year and look forward to seeing what this next 365 day trip around the sun will bring my way. Whatever it is, I plan on enjoying it all.

18 thoughts on “The Birthday Fairy Hath Cometh!

  1. Happy you had such a wondrous birthday.


    1. Thanks Ken…..a grand time and this evening we played cards with P&G, who just left here.


  2. Happy Birthday to my brother, who I love dearly. I’m so happy to see you had another wonderful birthday surrounded by such good friends. Your meals looked delicious and my mouth salivated at the two desserts.
    Sweet Dreams tonight on your birthday. XO


    1. I love you too. It was such a grand day. Pat and Gary just left as they came to play cards with us. A perfect birthday, as always


  3. Well it is very evident that friends and family got together to give you a wonderful birthday! You deserve it! Happy Birthday again!


    1. Merci mon amie…..a truly wonderful day and a blessed life.


  4. Happy Birthday Randy! 🎂🍷🎁🌸

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Bonbon…..a great day for sure. I’m one blessed man.


  5. Happy birthday handsome. Looks like you had exactly the perfect day – well deserved. 🎉🎈🍷😘


  6. Belated birthday greetings. We were at Quelfes with friends when you passed our way. I often walk around Santa Caterina but am not familiar with this restaurant. Always good to have a recommend so I’ll look out for it.


    1. I don’t think you will regret it. Many things on the menu require a one day pre-ordering as they are for two or more people. That said, much can be ordered on the spot. The food, which is primarily game meat, is very good.


  7. Happy Birthday Randy. Glad you had an awesome day!!


    1. Thanks so much Sharon. I kept saying I must have been really good in a previous life to be living such a wonderful one this time around!!!


  8. O just in time to wish you a happy birthday and it looks like you have had a lovely spoiling day. Hope you are well after blowing out all those candles! Lovely photo of you and everyone.


    1. Thank you Margaret. It certainly has been a wonderful day filled with celebrations. Pat and Gary even let me win at cards last night!!!

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  9. Happy Birthday, a day late and a Euro short. Glad to see it was a fun-filled day for you.


    1. Hey Gord, thanks so much. It was more or less low key, which is what I wanted but still, lots of fun. Just heading off for a morning hike.


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