Burning off the Birthday “Bouffe”

I ate so much yesterday, not necessarily quantity but rich foods I don’t normally eat, that this morning I woke craving a hike! How pathetic is that?

Following a light breakfast Joanne and I met up with Pat and Gary and headed off to enjoy a hike at the Cerro da Cabeça, one we do from time to time as it’s not far from home, which allows us to get there quickly; it’s challenging enough, doesn’t wear us out but allows us to feel as if we’ve had exercise; and, it provides such lovely vistas of the valleys and the sea. Today we decided to do it in reverse to mix it up a bit.

I always take an extra camera battery with me, as I did today, and about a third of our way through the hike my battery died and when I reached for my “extra”, I realized it was still in the car. Don’t you just love Murphy’s Law! Consequently, not a lot of photos.

And that’s when the camera battery gave up the ghost! The gorgeous vistas of the distant sea and the glistening sand islands were shortly after this but you’ll have to take my word for that!

By the time we arrived at home it was upwards of 13h00 and of course we were ravenous. Marc conjured up a lovely omelet for him and I while Joanne finished off the last of the pork and beans I baked a couple of days ago and from there we fell into our individual tasks and interests.

Marc is working on a new piece of art however I don’t like to show them until they are finished therefore, no photo. He did enjoy a short jaunt around the property with me looking at some of the new plants that are starting to open and bloom.

The bird of paradise behind Marc, and the large hedge of rosemary, are both in full bloom. As well our jasmine is popping and the scent is almost intoxicating. As you can see on the right it creeps up to the second level and is crawling over the wall and blooming just outside our bedroom window.

A marvelous day to be pottering around. I did a laundry this morning and tonight there are fresh sheets awaiting us……a simple but wonderful treat. I washed some of the dirt off the car, especially the windows, gave the carpets a good shake then I picked five lemons and just put a large pan of chicken in the fridge to marinate in my lemon/piri piri mixture.

My first full day in my 69th year has been a great one. I’m not sure I burned off much of my birthday feast but hey, it’s a start.

4 thoughts on “Burning off the Birthday “Bouffe”

  1. For forgetting your other camera, you got some great shots! I can almost smell the glorious jasmine! The rosemary still awes me and…wow, that’s a huge bird of paradise! So aptly named!
    Great you all got out for a walk; your faces have lovely colour to match your lovely smiles! Keep on trekking!


    1. Yes, it’s always such a pleasure to get together and enjoy hikes. I’d like to be doing more but P&G are busy this year with lots of company. We grab whatever time we can. All those plants are right here beside our door!


  2. Sometimes life takes over and today you weren’t supposed to have your eye behind the lens but to 100% enjoy everything around you without worrying about pics. Having said that you got some great shots and the plants and flowers are gorgeous.


    1. Yes, the opportunities to hike and enjoy the great outdoors are endless here. I’d love to make it over to the west coast to hike but it means a very long day or an overnight and right now, neither appeals to me. One of these days I will for sure.


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