Sunny Slothful Sunday!!

Sunday is one of my favourite days around here. I love that we always seem to let it unfold as it should given most things are closed and those that are opened are usually busy and full by 12h30 as it’s all about family and friend time. Large groups of exuberant folks enjoying their time away from whatever keeps the occupied throughout the week and sharing with those that are closest.

The sun was beaming down on us therefore a laundry was in order. People here, us included, don’t use clothes dryers. We love our clothesline and the end result fresh scent of everything, especially sheets and towels. With everything out we sat back to enjoy our fresh cheese that we picked up yesterday along with sweet juicy local strawberries, crispy toasted bread and lots of hot black coffee to wash it all down. It was a three cup morning for this man!!

I did, late morning, decided to take a walk around the back 40 to see what, if anything new, was blooming and I had a couple of surprises.

Yup, almost stepped on him!!! Malpolon monspessulanus, commonly known as the Montpellier snake, is a species of mildly venomous rear-fanged snake! It is very common in Spain, Portugal and Northwest Africa. It is up to 2.00 metres (7 ft) long and may weigh up to 1.5 kilograms (3 lb). This one looked to me to be about three feet long…’s hard to tell when you’re running away!!!! LOL IN truth, he was more frightened of me and he scurried off and managed to squeeze himself into a hole at the base of an old olive tree.

I’ve mentioned before that we have various wildlife hanging around…..well this little fellow seems to be getting used to our presence as he doesn’t run and hide like he used to when we first arrived.

We had finally been able to make plans to meet with our old friends, Ana and Simão in Olhão. Ana works which makes get togethers a bit challenging. In any case, we finally met up with them and enjoyed a fabulous catch-up visit on the boardwalk at Olhão harbour. It’s funny how it felt as if it was only yesterday that we last sat here sharing in a drink and time together.

From there a quick stop to say hello to Pat and Gary, who moved today. They have a lovely new place for their last few weeks here.

Another grand day is now just about behind us. Dinner is out of the way,( baked fish cakes(me) with salads (3 of them thank you Marc)), dishes are done (thank you Joanne), and we still have a stretch of evening to read, catch up on emails, do a little research for our road trip tomorrow (you’ll have to wait and see), and simply be.

As we sat enjoying our visit on the harbour in Olhão today the smell of the sea, the sound of the lapping water, and the ever present sound of seagulls, we suddenly heard a heightened squawking………..

8 thoughts on “Sunny Slothful Sunday!!

  1. Yes…what a wonderful day. Gary and I are nestled nicely in our cozy abode. Lovely you et al were able to pop in for a visit. Here’s to new adventures. By the way, that snake is a beauty.


    1. We’re happy we got to see where you are for the next while…….we’ll look forward to our first card game there! And yes, a real beauty huh?


  2. I loved reading about your adventure today. I too went for a refreshing walk with -10 degree temperatures. I loved seeing the cute little bunny…..but, the snake really did me in!!! Looking forward to reading about your next adventure!!


    1. Thanks Pauline….it nearly did me in at first. I thought it to be a branch and went closer as the colour intrigued me. What a shock when it poked it’s head up! you’d love some of our walks.


  3. Another lovely Sunday! What a cute little bunny but that snake would only caught a glimpse of my behind as I would have high-tailed it out of their lightning fast! Well, maybe not that fast…LOL!
    Great photos of the flowers, so colourful, love ‘em!
    Ana and Simão look great; a happy, happy reunion! Glad P & G settled in and you had a visit. I am sure there will be a number of card games and a whole lot of laughter!
    All in all, a sweet Sunday! 🤗🤗


    1. We have our first game of Dixit planned for tomorrow evening!!!!


  4. Enjoyed your blog today and seen you had a relaxing day. Growing up, Sunday was always a day of rest with church and visiting family. Now most stores are open on Sunday, but I still tend to not shop on Sunday. Loved the picture of the bunny – so cute! To me, A snake is not something I want to see & would be running away. Looking forward to your account of your day trip.


    1. Stay tuned Joannie…..just working on today’s blog……happy you liked the bunny. I knew you would!


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