Still Alive and Kicking

Given the number of emails and notes I’ve had enquiring as to why I have not been posting any blogs, I thought it best to quickly post a quick one to let folks know that all is well in this end of the world…simply damp!

Rain is not a bad thing however it limits our outside activities as the hiking paths, consisting primarily of clay, small rocks, and sometime old cobblestones, then to be messy and most of all, very slippery. This means we have to find other things to occupy our bodies and minds, jigsaw puzzles, reading, card games, strolling when the rain lets up, and a trip or two to the mall. None of these are things I particularly enjoy blogging about, and I’m sure you wouldn’t really enjoy reading about.

That said, today we had a lovely change of pace in that we got to meet new people and actually had a very enjoyable lunch together at a place we’ve wanted to go but was closed for vacation. Vila Monte.

Meet Pete and Michelle, from Canada. Pete is the cousin of our sister in law, Laurie, and they are enjoying a first time experience here in Portugal. We met in Fuzeta and as we were early for lunch I drove them to the top of São Miguel to take in the lovely vistas.

Vila Monte had been closed for vacation when I planned on being there for my birthday last month but as they had recently opened we thought it was a perfect time to relax in their lovely restaurant. As it turned out, other than one other couple we were alone there…….couldn’t have planned it better.

Delectable and enjoyable….the theme for the day.

Tomorrow looks to be a little less damp and Friday onward is looking simply gorgeous…….I do believe I see a lengthy and challenging hike in my future.

Lie continues to be grand for these Canadian Boys (and Joanne)!!!

4 thoughts on “Still Alive and Kicking

  1. Nice to see you doing fine in your damp weather! Love that picture of the chickens – great shot. Your meals looked so good, especially the salmon dish. Wishing you lots of sunshine!


    1. Thanks Joannie….a much nicer day today and going to be even better starting Friday. Big hugs


  2. It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is snoring….so go and wake him up!!!! I know you guys are having fun despite the rain…by the way, lunch looked wonderful except for the poor little octopus that gave it’s life for you., I couldn’t eat anything that is more intelligent than I am….big hugs to you both


    1. It’s a good thing you are cute and I already like you! LOL Guess you safely ensconced at home and starting to organize your bags for the next voyage. Hope it’s not too cold and shocking for you. Big Hugs


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