Have I Mentioned I Love Being Retired?

I probably sound like a broken record to many however once again I need to say how truly blessed I am to get to live this spectacular life I live, particularly my retirement. I didn’t just “happen” on a great retirement, I envisioned and planned how I would like it to unfold. I continually put out to the universe my hopes, dreams, and expectations, and I’ve received them back threefold!

Today was a gorgeous sunny, warm, and as it was anticipated, a hike had been planned. This particular hike is not for the weak of heart. It required two vehicles as we drove to the Praia da Marinha , parked one car then we squeezed into the other and drove about 7 km to Praia de Vale Centeanes, just east of Carvoeiro. Here we are at the start of the path.

The scenery on the this trail is spectacular; rugged limestone cliffs, bizarrely shaped pinnacles sticking out of the water, picturesque sandy beaches, dramatic drops, underground caves, and stunning lookout points. It is truly one of the most beautiful coastal hiking routes. We had no agenda other than to take our time to walk the trail without rushing, enjoy the scenery, and stop at beautiful beaches and vantage points all along the route. We achieved 100% success!

The path was quite busy today and it’s truly amazing to see folks trying to maneuver this wearing flip flops!! That and people climbing over barriers to get closer to the edge and that “perfect shot”……oh wait,,,,,I might be guilty of that!

We had all packed a picnic at after about 1.5 hours we found a lovely spot looking out over the sea, just off the main path with plenty of space for people to get around us and we sat, facing the sea, and enjoyed our lunch. Food always tastes so wonderful outside.

We always move a tiny bit slower after lunch, and of course by then it was also a tiny bit warmer!! Why is it that one day of intense sunshine erases totally two months of cool damp temperatures? Rhetorical!

As we got to the top of the cliffs looking down on the Benagil Beach I could hear the laughter and sounds of people/children rising up to greet me. Although I was distance I have a good zoom lens and I noted three little boys chasing the tide in and out and screaming with delight when it caught one of them. My photo is a tiny bit blurry but worthy of showing just to see their happy faces.

And speaking of happy faces……….enjoying a beer on the Benagil Beach

At this stage we were staring to slow down a bit, the combination of heat, sun, food, and a well earned rest from all the ups and downs but we still had a tiny way to go before arriving at one of the parked cars. Also, in my humble opinion, this last section of the walk is truly breathtaking and I think, my favourite. No captions.

As we arrive at the end of the trail I noted that the tops of the embankments all along the final ridge were shimmering with pink. A I got closer I realized they were lined with clusters of soapwort and some kind of wild lobelia.

The drive home was quiet as I think we were lost in our thoughts of the day as well as pooped from the entire experience. And so ends yet another wonderful day/hike here in the Algarve.

Just taken by Marc from our upstairs terrace.

21 thoughts on “Have I Mentioned I Love Being Retired?

  1. The cliff walks here are truly spectacular, aren’t they? It’s a long while since I walked that particular one (I seem to remember hailstones on the clifftop above Benagil) but I love them all.


    1. Yes, the cliff walks are truly magnificent. This is my 4th time doing this one and today was the most congested. Wall to wall walkers.


      1. We were at Ludo birdwatching. Fairly quiet there. Glorious day 🤗💖

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  2. Hello Randy, Marc,

    Thanks so much for posting a delightful and detailed description of your hike today.

    I will be bringing my son Ian (24) from Canada to the Algarve in two weeks and have been telling him that the “Seven Hanging Valleys” trail is a must see/do. I have just forwarded your latest post to Ian so that he can get a better appreciation of the shear beauty and ruggedness of the coastline. Great photos by the way!

    We plan to spend the first five days in Lisbon and then meet up with Gord and my mother in Tavira for the remaining nine days of our trip.

    After spending five weeks back home in the land of ice and snow, I cannot wait to return to Portugal and share the experience with my son.

    All the best, Shaun Wilkinson

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    1. Hey Shaun, I’m gathering your plans have changed but hey change is good! This is such an amazing walk, you’ll love it. There are cars on both ends of the walk to take you back to the other area if you need it but honestly, you could easily walk it in both directions then sleep like a baby that night!!! Safe travels and enjoy Lisboa.


      1. Thanks Randy for the advice and option to double back on the trail.

        The “young lad” will no doubt have that energy left in his legs, but he may have to drag the old man back. Seriously though, with those views I think I’d crawl on my hands and knees if necessary!

        Cheers, Shaun

        Sent from Mail for Windows

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  3. I sit here looking at the beautiful pictures on your blog and turn my eyes to glance out at the falling snow outside my window.
    What a gorgeous day you’ve all had! Whenever I see a cave in one of your pictures it just makes me want to go down and go in and have a look to see what’s in there. The beaches just look beautiful, all that beautiful sand and the waves lapping at the shore….. I had to pause now and then to dream a little.
    The one man that was down there fishing with the other, he almost looked like he had a suit on!
    You do indeed have a grand life and I for one I’m so very happy for it.
    I’ll be looking forward to my next email adventure. LOL


    1. I’m glad you take such pleasure in it. I love being close to the sea and with the sun as it was today, it’s magical. You can have the caves for me however. I’d poke my nose in, but that would be it.


  4. Absolutely breathtaking views. The colors of the sky, beach sand, cliffs are so capivating. Just seeing the pictures .makes me smile along with ooos and ahhs.
    Thank you for taking me away. A truly calgon moment.

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    1. Any time darlin’, just keep tagging along. Hugs from Portugal


  5. Absolutely beautiful pictures of your hike today! I am sure you’ll all sleep well tonight after the exercise & sun!


  6. Wow! Phenomenal photos from what appears to be an awesome hike. I would love to do that one next winter!


      1. It’s a date 🤩

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  7. I’m very envious! Looks like you had enough ups and downs to make for a nice workout. Your photos are beautiful.


    1. The trail seemed to have eroded in several places which in fact, added to the challenge. I have to say, I love this particular hike for so many reasons.


  8. Your photos are wonderful! I live vicariously thru you, as I can’t do the walking anymore. That last photo courtesy of Myles is my favorite, I love sunsets.


    1. You make me smile. I know you meant Marc but I love that you said Myles!! Wonderful seeing you today (check out my new blog) and see you tomorrow.


  9. What a truly glorious day! Your photos blew me away! Yes, magical, as you say, is a perfect description of your trek today! Loved tagging along!


    1. You would love some of the tranquil hidden beaches along this route. Some accessible only by boat but there are a few that can be driven to and then a very short walk. A perfect spot for a pincic.


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