A Gamut of Emotion

Our Portugal weather, of which we have grown very fond over the many years of wintering here, has returned. With a vengeance! This man, who in a previous life was most certainly a lizard or a cat, is quite content and happy. I’ve been wearing my VERY happy face since yesterday.

Sadly, there has been a change of plans in our little “family” in that our friend, Joanne, has had to change her plans and return to Canada sooner than intended. She leaves for Lisboa tomorrow morning for a flight home on Monday and we will miss her presence tremendously. That said, this has turned out to be her last full day with us and so she got to decide on what our morning would look like.

The market was lively, as always, and what is truly fun for us, is to be wandering around checking out all the potential purchases (I bought a half kilo of black figs), and then suddenly bumping into fellow Canadians from our extended “community” here.

Shopping, gabbing, coffee, gabbing, gabbing, and then gabbing. That’s more or less (mais ou menos) how it goes!

Around noon we headed back home to drop off Joanne and our purchases as we had to make our way to the Faro train station for a special arrival at 13h29.

Claudette and Lil, our good friends. who also happen to be our landladies in Canada, have FINALLY made their way to Portugal. They have been in Lisboa for a few days and now here in the Algarve for a period of time. We collected them at the train station and eventually made our way to Tavira and their “home away from home” for several days. Can’t wait to show them some of the Portugal we love so much.

On the way back to our car I spotted this balcony/terrace and I was struck by the tranquility and peacefulness of it all.

At home, where we are going to enjoy a farewell dinner with Joanne, I headed out for a walk around our property, a daily event for me, and for those of you who know me well, you will appreciate how freaking excited I got when I discovered all around our property….orchids and barberry nuts growing in profusion. I’m still doing my happy dance.

And so, with our mixed emotions of the day, we sit here reveling in each others company, the stretch of evening ahead of us, the wonderful meal Marc has prepared before us, our music playing, the sun slowly setting in the sky and the awareness that we have been, are, and continue to be, blessed.

12 thoughts on “A Gamut of Emotion

  1. Beverley McConney March 11, 2023 — 8:43 pm

    Another glorious day in Paradise for you Canadians!
    I’m sorry to hear of Joanne’s unexpected trip home early and hope all is well.
    Happy to hear C&L arrived safely. I’m sure you will be very busy showing them all the sites and trails.


    1. No trails but a few sites….LOL Our weather has changed for the better, and is to continue…..I might not go home!


  2. Allô Allô à Claudette et Lilianne! Now those pants would look really good on you Randy, almost as good as on me! But the shoes….I don’t know…….


    1. LOL. I’ll see if I can get you a pair….send me your size!!


  3. Beautiful, I found this blog emotional. Farewell Joanne, safe travels

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Enjoyed your blog & sorry to hear Joanne had to return to Canada sooner than planned. Wish her safe travels. Nice to see you ran into Canadian friends at the market & had a great gab. I so love those orchids- they are so tiny but yet so perfect! I remember the first time I seen them & was amazed at their perfection. Happy to hear your weather is warming up. Our weather is warming as well, but we are supposed to get a snow event on Wednesday – always get a Shelia’s brush of some kind around St Patrick’s day, lol!


    1. Hey Joannie…..thanks for the commentary. I do hope your “Shelia’s Brush” is not too overwhelming. I’m just taking my coffee outside.


      1. Yes, I am hoping “Sheila’s Brush” will be not too bad! Having said that, whatever comes are way won’t stay long with warmer temps and longer days. I have to say, I had a good chuckle over your photo of the gentleman with a unique pair of pants and elf like shoes – he is a one of a kind fashion statement. Busy day here in Cape Breton as I watch a few games of the Brier men’s curling finals along with the Oscars.


  5. Very sad that Joanne had to leave early, she will be missed and she’ll miss you and Marc. I am so happy Claudette and Lil have arrived safely and the weather has improved substantially for their visit. I will be able to hear the laughter all the way to snowy London!
    The wee orchids are so precious and the barberry nuts remind me of little irises which remind me of Spring! Daylight saving tonight so we are headed in the right direction!


    1. Now listen up you……loosing and hour is not like loosing your glasses so don’t be praying to St. Anthony to try and get it back!!!!


      1. You are too funny Randy – good thing Pat is a good sport! LOL!


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