Lazy Hazy Days

I promised myself a no car day and a no car day I’ve enjoyed. Fresh cheese and raspberries from the festival yesterday kick started the morning while the sheets were washing and the balance of my day involved 4 leisurely walks around the back fields and side roads to the tune of 12,178 steps, a lovely afternoon tea visit with James, Jackson and Marc and that’s about it. Kind of perfect if you ask me.

My view at 7h45 this morning while I was doing my squats on the upstairs terrace.
My view while I enjoyed the last of my coffee

I did walkup the corner to drop off the recycle and garbage and had a small exchange, mostly in the form of sign language and smiles, with the shepherd who lives nearby. He isn’t very old, maybe 45 or 50 and he is so friendly with me.

Of course I’m always on the lookout for new blooms. I returned to the hyacinth patch from yesterday and out of curiosity I counted them. Fifty eight lovely little blooms.

I wandered just a few properties up from ours using a side road and found a few lovely surprises as well as a lovely view of our house.

James came for tea and brought with him a box of nougat that had been gifted to him from a friend for Iran. The package had not been opened and we enjoyed the unveiling. Delicious.

I took James down to see the various orchids, barberry nut flowers, and wild freesia, which he enjoyed immensely and just as we were about to return I noticed my elderly neighbours (they are both over 90) enjoying one of their several daily strolls together. They were standing quietly looking out over a large field near their house.

And my favourite shot of the day…….I stumbled on this

4 thoughts on “Lazy Hazy Days

  1. Beverly McConney March 13, 2023 — 7:21 pm

    Sounds like a lovely day to me! I also love that exotic looking weed! My fave pic was the elderly couple out strolling. Movement is life!!! Share a piece of that nougat..


    1. LOL, we didn’t keep the nougat, we ate a piece only (each) and then we returned the box with James. LOL


  2. What a lovely blog today. I love those small flowers, size of one half a baby aspirin? Wow! and the naked man orchids are so pretty and so fun! The colours of that weed are indeed exotic! Thank you for such a great read this morning with my banana muffins and coffee.


    1. Well thank you for such lovely feedback. Much appreciated.


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