Hanging Out Near Home

The sound of the bees in the rosemary, jasmine, bougainvillea, and throughout the lawn (which of course is peppered with wild flowers of every imaginable size) was deafening this morning. I love it. I walk around with their sound, and that of the birds, keeping me company while I eek out any new plant that’s dared to show it’s little face overnight. Mother Nature never lets me down.

Take these two as an example, which were both roughly the same size.

Now look at this next photo. I put my pointer finger in to give you an indication of just how tiny and truly amazing they are.

I also discovered that our Judas Tree (in Canada I think it’s a Redbud) is also bursting into bloom.

I ‘m not sure I should even mention the orchids!! They are absolutely everywhere here. Down the driveway, out by the clothesline, throughout the grasses in the fields on both side of the property. I love finding them and despite what the photos might indicate, none of them truly looks alike. My goal is to try and find a yellow orchid.

James, who lives about 5 km from us, came over shortly before noon and we headed north into the mountains near Barranco do Velho for a terrace lunch at Tia Bia, a favourite place that guarantees you never leave hungry!! It was a perfect afternoon to sit, relax, gab, eat good food, revel in the company, and take a slow drive home.

Migas comes from the verb “migar” which means to break up into crumbs. Migas are a typical stuffing made of wheat bread, then cooked in a pork fat. Basically it is water, bread crumbs, olive oil and salt, with a variable contribution of garlic, bacon, pork, chouriço, pepper, paprika, eggs, pork, bay leaf, herbs. The tradition of migas with fish and particularly cod was due to the low price of salt cod. My dish had cod and shrimp. James and Marc’s wild boar, deer, pheasant and partridge. Needless to say, three stuffed boys we were….but…did that stop dessert from being ordered??

What a grand and glorious afternoon it was and once again, this man counts his blessings. A favourite shot from late this afternoon as the sun was starting to set…..

9 thoughts on “Hanging Out Near Home

  1. Nice food

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  2. Nice recommend for that restaurant. It was closed for holidays last time we were up that way. Try Estombar, Sitio das Fontes for the yellow orchids and let me know if they’re out? There are usually loads by the river.

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    1. We love Tia Bia but don’t go if you don’t have an appetite as it would be wasted. Huge portions. Thanks for the recommendation….I don’t know where Estombar is but I’ll look it up.


      1. In the Algarve walking trails book it’s listed as Sitio das Fontes, near Mexilhoeira.

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  3. Grand and Glorious indeed!! That lunch looked so delicious. Glad the weather has improved and you’re enjoying.
    The flowers are so tiny and beautiful!


    1. Less than three weeks to go, which is impossible to realize. I have a few long hikes left in me yet!!


  4. A wonderful day as you say with great company, good food, lovely weather and of course, the most beautiful, precious flowers, so enjoyed as I dream of our Spring! Rain here today to melt the snow, temps are rising slowly and longer days…it’s happening! Happy St. Pat’s Day to one and all! ❤️🍀


    1. And a Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to you! We are, as you can see, enjoying this long and lovely spring that we so appreciate in Portugal.


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