A Simple Saturday

A new variety of almond tree is blooming, the bees are happy, markets are bustling, and the Canadian Boys are having a tranquil day in Paradise.

I thought these two photos needed to be together. Look closely!

6 thoughts on “A Simple Saturday

  1. The picture for Pat M lookse like Monet field of poppies from the artists garden. Lovely


    1. Funny you say that as I thought the same thing when I took it. Great minds!!!


  2. Love the last photo of the bee on the almond flower. I love almond flowers! It was almost as if the bee was on cue with the sign next to it. Lol


    1. Hey there….I planned that. I had the bee pose for me!!!!


  3. Thank you, Randy, for the ‘Monet’…add another great mind to the list! Such a wonderful , hopeful feeling to wake up to! And a nod to the bee 🐝…not to be taken for granted, for sure. Yes, your short and sweet blog just made my day! 🤗


    1. I’m glad I could make you happy with the photo……had a climb a fence for that shot!!


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