Algarve Authenticity

Another wonderful day with Claudette and Lil, exploring parts of the eastern Algarve, and sharing with them just a smidgeon of that we love about Portugal. It was a warm on/off sunny day but unfortunately a tiny bit of a nip in the wind, which you simply have to ignore. We loved our day together.

Our first stop was Barril Beach, one of the loveliest in this end of the Algarve. It’s situated on the Ilha da Tavira and is an 11km long sand bar island that is part of the Ria Formosa which essentially protects Tavira and the coast from the Atlantic Ocean, hence the warmer temperatures on this end of the Algarve. Once you walk across a small suspension bridge you can then either walk, or take the small train to the beach (probably about a km. I was delighted to see that everybody was up to the walk.

And then of course, the beach itself.

We love that we have a community of sorts here and it’s such fun to bump into our friends unexpectedly.

Gary, Melanie, Claudette, Lil, Patricia, me, and Marc.

After enjoying a stroll, a bit of sit down and breath it all in time, we decided to head back to the car as we were lunching at Casa do Polvo Tasquinha in Santa Luzia, they specialize in octopus and all four of us love it. As it turned out, the girls treated us as a belated birthday present to me!!!! I sure do know how to drag it out, don’t I! We did take the train back to the bridge rather than walk it.

Everybody was much to full to consider any dessert, or even coffee therefore we opted to head off, wind our way to Fuzeta for a short walk about with the thoughts of maybe something sweet a bit later.

Fuzeta beach was busy with many parasails and a few sunbathers. The wind was up a bit and that helped quite a bit with the parasailing. We did see one fellow in particular who effortlessly glided back and forth from the Ilha da Fuzeta to the beach, over and over. It looked like ballet. A lovely walk about, a drive up and down several of the small roads to give the girls a taste of the town then up the hill where we parked at the church and visited the cemetery. All this helped burn off our lunch and make room for a stop at Marieta’s!

The hours get gobbled up so quickly when you are skirting about and enjoying conversation and company and by now it was mid afternoon and the energy was waning as I headed towards Moncarapacho and one of the smaller rural back roads to wind our way back to Tavira. Of course that always includes a few stops.

What a day……….and a favourite photo of the day, primarily because they humoured me without objection and played along.

My three little monkeys!

On the way home we stopped in for a visit, dinner, and a game of Dixit and Newfie Poker before finally calling it a day and heading home. Our social life here is amazing. While Patricia was preparing dinner I enjoyed a wander around their property. I mean come on….what would my blog look like without a few snaps of the flora!!

And finally,

10 thoughts on “Algarve Authenticity

  1. What a full, wonderful day! The smiles speak volumes!


    1. Yes, smiling here seems effortless and difficult to avoid!! Just saw a huge field of poppies……your ears must have been burning


  2. Well that was a wonderful day! The meals looked delicious and I loved the three monkeys picture. I just love monkeys!!!


    1. It was a great day and I was happy they played along.


  3. What a fantastic way to spend a day and lucky you to have so many friends to enjoy it with. Your flower photos are always amazing and definitely a must. Just curious, are you restricting yourself to eight French fries this year 😉


    1. LOL……most of the time I don’t take FF’s but when I do, I eat them all!!!!! This year I stayed away from break and alcohol!!!


      1. What?? No wine 😩


  4. What a fun filled day you guys had! The Algarve has so many beautiful areas & these were 3 of my favourite spots. Barrel beach is one of many lovely beaches and so unique with the anchors from the tuna industry & the nice train ride. Your octopus meals looked delicious and Marc’s curry dish really intrigued me. I have to say you guys are like the Rick Steve’s of Portugal travel, but no I take that back, you guys are better tour guides than Rick Steve’s!


    1. Well, I’ll take that as quite a compliment as I love Rick Steves.


      1. And so it is a compliment in the highest regard! Your blogs are so wonderful to read and I love all the background info you provide.


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