It’s All About the Journey

Thanks to a suggestion from a fellow blogger (thank you restlessjo) I learned that I just might spot my favourite yellow orchids if I simply took a drive to Estômbar, and enjoyed the walk at the Park of Sitio das Fontes Trail. With Pat, Gary, and Melanie in tow, off we headed on yet another glorious blue skied Portugal morning to make the 40 minute drive, happy to be exploring a part of the Algarve we had not yet seen.

We made it safe and sound, grabbed water and pack-sacks, then on foot, took a wrong tirn and ended up walking for a couple of hours on the Via Algarviana trail (which crosses the Algarve) instead of our intended path!! It really pays to take a few moments and familiarize oneself with the trail signs before heading out!! In any case, it was a marvelous time, we did succeed in finding the orchids, along with a plethora of other wildflowers and lovely vistas. In effect, it’s all about the company, frame of mind, and how could I go wrong?

By the time we wound our way back to the start of what was the trail we had been seeking we had walked for probably around 2 hours. It was very hot and we were satisfied with our outing so, we explored and found our error and then I simply decided I could come back another time and do that walk, then we wound our way back to Estômbar to try and find a place for lunch.

A grand day it was and the success with the yellow bee orchids made it for me. I am amazed at their detail given the tiny size, and the vibrancy of the yellow is truly lovely.

We were heading out to the mountains last night for our monthly classical music concert and when I arrived home, with just enough time to shower and change before heading off, this handsome man met me in the drive…….I tell you, it’s better than coming home to an excited puppy!!

And, to close it off….

8 thoughts on “It’s All About the Journey

  1. All’s well that ends well! Another great adventure on a beautiful day with good friends, a fabulous lunch; each choice looked succulent! The orchids are worth the trek as well as coming home to such a handsome hubby! Great shirt, Marc! I am envious of the concert , knowing how terrific they are! A memorable full day for your joy list! 🤗


    1. Yes, a grand and wonderful day it was!!


  2. Glad you found them! I forgot about the Via Algarviana trail.


    1. It was quite the adventure but live and learn. We enjoyed it and the yellow bee orchids were plentiful. Thanks again for the suggestion. Much appreciated. Will you be going to the Contraband festival in Alcoutim on the weekend?


      1. Yes, on Friday. Should be fun 🥰


  3. The Via Algarviana is on our radar and there is talk of spending next winter in Portugal incorporating this walk along with parts of others. The tiny bee orchids really are pretty and as usual, lunch looks delicious. Those tiger prawns …. Yum!


    1. I’ve done several parts of the trail and it’s quite varied, which makes it pleasurable for me. I’d love to connect if you are here next year.


      1. Absolutely!


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