Something Old, Something New

James and I had decided that this morning we would connect in Estoi and head off up the mountain to explore a couple of old haunts but also a “new” trail that we had never been on before. I am always up for that sort of adventure and opportunity. Turned out to be a fairly perfect day in terms of temperature, a little cloud, and great company. We gabbed as much as we walked and the number of wildflowers that showed themselves today was phenomenal.

The views as we climb the mountain road are always breath taking but today in particular there was a clarity that allowed us to see completely out over the coast line.

A large plot of wild irises beside the road. “African” Iris – This type of white iris is unique for many reasons. Hardy African irises are known for their grassy evergreen foliage and ability to produce multiple flowers throughout the season.

Jackson loves these walks and never complains about the distance or the speed. You can’t say that about all walking companions!! AS you can see, both her and James were pretty happy to be out and about on this gorgeous day.

I don’t think I take enough photos of the actual country side and so today I tried to keep that in mind as we walked along.

I mentioned the wild flowers… are just a few of them

There were many others along the path that were equally as wonderous but I’ve taken many of them before and decided to be a tiny bit more selective today. Of course that said, I couldn’t pass up on the lavender, which also is peppering the air with scent.

Dogs can sometime be a bit of a nuisance when walking in the wild, and I’m not speaking of the ones on leashes but in fact yard dogs that somehow escape the fence and are lingering around the roads……….take this big fellow for example….

Smack dab in the middle of the road, intent on Jackson’s presence, and not budging despite our walking sticks clacking the asphalt. He was quite curious about Jackson however as we got closer he simply stood and moved a bit to the side, ignoring James and I and trying to move closer and closer to Jackson. As it turned out, his owner saw him, she came out on the street and starting talking to him but he ignored her also and continued to follow us for a distance. In the end it amounted to nothing but it is slightly unnerving.

A great hike, 2hours 18 minutes and a total of 11,27 km I’d say we burned off breakfast for sure and maybe even had a head start on lunch. I returned home a happy and pooped man. On my way to the car, this was my view.

In the afternoon Marc and I made a visit to the grocery store. I forgot my camera at home but as we returned we saw a huge vine of wisteria, in full bloom, hanging below a deep red bougainvillea. Marc kindly offered to take a shot for me with his phone……I hope you can see how beautiful it was.

6 thoughts on “Something Old, Something New

  1. Great pictures of a wonderful hike in the countryside along great looking trails to walk on. The flowers are beautiful especially the photo of the wisteria and bougainvillea. Great picture of you Randy – you have quite the tan!


    1. Thanks Joannie. Despite wearing sunscreen every day, I actually burned my nose the other day while hiking!!!! I slathered it in polysporin that night and it was fine by next day. As you know from being here, I am outside every chance I get, it’s challenging not to tan!!


  2. Another stellar day! So great to have James and Jackson to tag along with you, equally enjoying your explorations/ adventures! And to have similar stamina!
    I don’t recall the green winged orchids but very pretty. To think freesia and wild irises grow along the roadside! Yes, I miss Nature’s Portuguese blessings to us and anxiously await the arrival of our spring flowers. Credit goes to you who seeks out some of those blessings that are rarely seen other than in the mountains, obscure trails and walking paths. Wonderful landscape shots to emphasize the beauty and expanse of the area…the photo of the wisteria and bougainvillea was lovely but I believe that field of poppies stole my heart as always! And you, my Friend, look amazing! ❤️


    1. What an old flirt you are!!!! LOL. The mountainside at this time of the season is just gorgeous. I never tire of exploring the various paths and discovering new things


  3. I love love love the white irises! The hike looked fabulous. Enjoyed Mr. Horse with his friend Mr. Pig. Lol
    So many beautiful flowers. Did you find out what the white scented flowers were? Great shot of you!


    1. I didn’t find out what it was. It’s a fruit tree for certain but I can’t tell what kind. It’s unlikely that any fruit will be forming before I leave next week so not certain I will be able to find out what it is!


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