How Did We Get to our Last Weekend in Paradise Already?

A day full or variety and pleasure. With it being James last day here in the Algarve, we had planned to meet and head to Patacão and surprise our friend, Elsa, with a visit to her cafe (Café em Grão). We thought it fitting given she was our first visit when we arrived and will now (mais ou menos) be our last visit prior to departure. She was thrilled to see us.

From there we decided to head into Moncarapacho and enjoy a farewell lunch on the main square Praca da Republica at Da Anas. When I say “headed into Moncarapacho” I don’t mean in a straight line, or the most obvious route. My habit of going down unknown roads kicked in big time and we had a marvelous time seeing things we might now have seen otherwise. Like this wonderful house.

Lunch was, as it always is at Da Anas, fabulous.

The praca was practically empty, the birds, singing, the few people who were around were quietly chatting, no loud obnoxious tourists!!!!LOL

What a grand day but all grand things have to end. We dropped James at home, (knowing he was coming to us later in the day for dinner), then we headed home where Marc decided to be a little domestic and I decided to head into the mountains behind our property. I love it! Wandered for just over an hour and got myself off the beaten path by exploring a bunch of roads and paths I had not yet explored. The quietness, accompanied by the buzzing bees and chatting birdlife, was theraputic.

By the time I arrived back home the sun was starting to set a little in the west and as I came across our side patio I could see how the light was framing the end of the terrace. It seemed an appropriate shot for closing out today.

Safe travels James………we’ll be seeing you back on Canadian soil. Viagens Seguras.

13 thoughts on “How Did We Get to our Last Weekend in Paradise Already?

  1. Merci Randy, c’est comme si j’y étais. Bon voyage James et bonne dernière fin de semaine à tous les deux. XX


  2. Feeling the sadness which comes as we leave places we love. Lovely photos of course capturing special moments.


    1. Thank you Margaret. It’s always a bit sad for us to leave this life we love so much but, we have a wonderful life in Canada, a number of things on our agenda for the next few months, including another riverboat cruise, and before we know it, we’ll be back. Hugs to you from the Canadian Boys and our best to John

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  3. Sad to see my vicarious trip to Portugal is ending too. Lol……. Thank you for sharing, for all the photos and written accounts of your remarkable and joy filled lives! Safe journey home.


    1. Thank you so much my friend. Maybe one day you’ll get to enjoy some of it in person? Big Hugs


  4. One heck of a great journey.


    1. Thanks Ken…….we’ll be sharing some of it with you next year I hope?


  5. Another chapter in your book of life is coming to a lovely close….it’s been a wonderful read! Thanks!🤗


  6. Safe journey home, you two 💙. I’m in England with family for Easter.


    1. Happy Easter to you, enjoy your time with family. We leave on Wednesday for Canada and already looking forward to returning next January!


      1. Thanks 🐣🌷 Have a good year!

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