Sunday Splendid Sunday!

The heading photo is our house, Quinta Ninette, as taken from the driveway. It look so small and cozy in that photo but it’s deceiving as the property is quite large with open rock-lined walls all around us. We’ve been happy here and have many new memories to accompany us back home.

We determined that a trip to the Moncarapacho market was in order to pick up black figs, one of my favourites, to take home. Sadly, although we did make it to the market, which was enormous and very well attended, we did not find the figs. I located them at one vendors stall but they were small, which is not what I wanted. Oh well……we still have two days to eek them out.

From there, a short drive into Fuzeta, car parked, and a walk along the boardwalk to the beach…..heavenly.

The crab with one big claw is commonly referred to as a fiddler crab. This species of crab is named after their habit of constantly waving the single large claw, which makes it look like they are ‘fiddling’ with it. The seashore was (excuse the pun) crawling with them!!
Sunday Selfie

The beach was pretty congested, by Fuzeta standards. We’re pretty certain if we return tomorrow or Tuesday we’ll probably have it to ourselves.

The sunshine, sand, and blue skies were so beautiful today. I don’t know what the humidity level was but I can tell you, it’s so very dry here and at times even the air feels parched. After our stroll we decided that rather than head anywhere else we would park ourselves on a terrace near the sea and enjoy lunch. A grand decision, very relaxing. We also determined that we would like to go else where for our after meal bica and headed off to Marietta’s……of course sitting there on the terrace got us thinking of Pat, Gary, Sandy, and Susan. With P&G back in Canada we couldn’t conger them up and try as we might, Sandy and Susan did not appear!! I’m rusty I guess.

And then home sweet home. A couple of things stood out for me today………

All our aloe is finally in bloom and it looks gorgeous against the dry earth and remaining grass.
Our banana tree has two large blooms sprouting that will probably not open before we depart on Wednesday.
Wild gladiolus are popping up along our driveway. Always welcomed.

And last but not least……..

A brand new orchid, which I have not yet identified, has broken through the earth near our terrace…..I swear there was no sign of it yesterday!!! And there you have it. A serene, splendid Palm Sunday for the Canadian Boys. I have to go, Marc is on the terrace with his glass of vino waiting for me!!! CIAO

4 thoughts on “Sunday Splendid Sunday!

  1. Sounds like a perfect Sunday! The beach looks beautiful and I love the orchids. Have a safe trip home Wednesday! I’ll talk to you when you’re back on Canadian soil.


    1. It was a near perfect day, especially the weather. Will be in touch once home… Ottawa…..after Saturday.


  2. Nice…everything is so nice! I miss the beach! ‘Savour’ is word of the day! 😎


    1. Yes, the beach is lovely, it’s where we’ll be all day tomorrow!!!


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