A Glorious Day in Paradise

A full and wonderful day for us Canadian Boys in our paradise. As is our habit, when we are getting ready to leave our home away from home, we dive into a morning of house-cleaning and within just a couple of hours we have it cleaner than when we arrived! A deep cleaning fee is included in the overall price but we can’t help it, it’s entrenched in who we interictally are. That’s how our morning started and now it’s done!

We had an appointment at 12h30 with our new landlord for next year, which happened to be a short distance from Tavira and once done, that’s precisely where we headed. One last leisurely stroll around one of our favourite Algarvian towns, a patio lunch in the sunshine, interspersed with photo opportunities. Perfectly glorious.

For Erika!!! This fellow is painted on a wall at a very sharp turn in the road. He’s there, I’m fairly certain, as a “landmark” for people who might be trying to find the place. I’ve seen him almost daily for the last three months and he makes me think of Erika, who hates anything related to frogs. This next photo is the lovely house he identifies.

AS I mentioned, we had stopped to meet up with our landlord for next year and right at the entry to the property was a small wisteria tree and a lovely path of multi-coloured osteospernums.

Tavira, just a few short kms from where we were, is simply charming and worthy of several days (or longer) of exploration and wandering. We love it, have from the very beginning, and always discover something new while strolling around. Like many towns in the southern region of Portugal, Tavira was basically destroyed in the Great Earthquake of 1755, so many of its buildings seen today were constructed in the 18th century. Here is a sampling of our day today…

Followed by lunch…

We usually enjoy another hour or so of meandering after our lunch as it simply help us digest, which makes the drive home much more pleasant. Nearby there is an old church and I knew that the gardens next to it had been reopened. The photos speak for themselves.

Two in particular I quite like….

As we walked back to the car, zig zagging in and out of small “ruelles“, I happened to look up and there, tucked between two balconies on the 3rd floor, this small niche with a statue.

St. Jude, also called Judas, Thaddaeus, or Lebbaeus,  the patron saint of desperate causes!!

It was with happy hearts that we left Tavira and headed towards home but one more stop was on our agenda. Our “community” of fellow Canadians has diminished significantly but our friends Sandy and Susan are still here, actually flying home on the same flight as us Wednesday. We decided to stop and enjoy a tea and a good gab fest with them, and why not, it’s about half way between Tavira and home.

Tomorrow is our last full day here for this trip, we have plans and are looking forward to a final day of sunshine, dinner with Susan and Sandy tomorrow evening, then a safe an uneventful flight to Canada on Wednesday. Keep us in your thoughts.

In closing, a final close-up of the tongue orchid on our lawn…..I think this is the final one as it doesn’t seem to be opening any more than it has.

14 thoughts on “A Glorious Day in Paradise

  1. Anne Marie Dalton April 3, 2023 — 6:38 pm

    Safe and happy flight home Randy and Marc. Thank you so much for sharing the beauty of your stay in the Algarve.


    1. Thank you so much, and for following along. As you can see, it’s been another stellar visit. Take care and Happy Easter.


  2. Safe flight home. Thanks for sharing your adventure.


    1. Many thanks Ken. Happy Easter to you two


  3. Thank you so much for your blogs, Randy. Love your prose and your photos. You certainly have a gift. Thank you for helping us relive our too-brief visit to Portugal.

    Safe journey on Wednesday. Already looking forward to your blogs next year. Noreen and John.


    1. What a lovely note. Thanks so much. Happy Easter to you and Noreen.


  4. Lovely last photos of your time in Portugal it’s been a pleasure sharing with you the flowers sunshine and friends. You both look so well now tanned and handsome 😊 bon voyage a safe journey home


    1. Thanks so much Margaret. We are both tickled you followed along and enjoyed our blithering and blathering about Portugal. As you can tell, we love it here. Happy Easter to you. Stay well and stay in touch.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Another lovely blog and Tavira is such a great place! Wishing you both safe travels back to Canada and Happy Easter to you both. I hope you told the Easter Bunny you are back in Ottawa and he leaves you a few treats! 💕


    1. Hey Joannie, yes, we all love Tavira so much. We keep saying we should stay there some day but for some reason, the countryside manages to capture our hearts each time. Happy Easter to you….sadly the Easter Bunny has avoided us for a few years now……I think it might be because I keep eating his relatives!!!


  6. Thanks so much for sharing your winter with us once again. Have a safe trip home. Perhaps we will share some of those beautiful hikes with you next year. Happy Easter to you both.


    1. Thanks Debbie. I’m counting on a few hikes with you next spring so……start daydreaming about which ones you might like to do. Happy Easter to you and Fred. Stay safe.


  7. Wow, your blog continues to be a beacon showing us that we still have much to see in Tavira. Thanks for sharing and thanks for helping make our trip so memorable. Safe journey home!


    1. Hey Gord (Freda). Welcome home. I hope the return wasn’t too painful? Today, our last full one here, is overcast and believe it or not, only 18 degrees!!!! Not at all what I ordered. That said, it’s still paradise for us and we’ll fill the day with something. So happy to have seen you at least a couple of times while you were here. Maybe you’ll return and next time we can be a little more social…..I’d enjoy that. Enjoy settling in.


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