Another Market Day in Estoi

Today started out with dark skies, heavy clouds, and cooler temperatures. That meant digging out a light jacket before heading out to todays local market which of course dictated that once we arrived at our destination the sun would probably come out and we’d end up peeling things off! Don’t you just love Murphy and his “laws”!

Today, fresh local strawberries were everywhere and yes, we picked up a lovely large tray for €5. Huge sweet berries.

Although the sky was overcast the market was hustling and bustling. I never tire of it.

One of the things that always stays with me is how the locals come out and shop for so much at these markets. It’s not simply for tourists. Today folks were buying up chickens, rabbits, roosters, and plants galore. Also big buckets of pears and apples…….you buy it with the plastic bucket included!

One vendor today had four different kinds of peacocks for sale!!!

Most of us don’t like to see animals in cages but here you see it at all the markets as many local people still have livestock of some sort and raise chickens and rabbits. It simply is and for that reason I accept it. When in Rome!

Pat and Gary had driven over and the five of us enjoyed the leisurely stroll around the market grounds. The primary purchase today for both households, above strawberries, was fresh ground spices from a vendor who has a huge selection of high quality spices, both ground and whole. Cominho (cumin), canela (cinnamon), cardamão (cardamon), they’ve all accompanied us home plus a few more for Patricia. All in all another wonderful market day in Estoi.

The sky as we arrived at the market and the sky now!

4 thoughts on “Another Market Day in Estoi

  1. I enjoy reading your blog everyday, especially your enthusiasm.

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    1. Thanks Lorraine. It’s hard not to be enthusiastic in this place. LOL


  2. Another great day at the Estoi market to enjoy! The strawberries look so delicious & the little rabbits are so cute! Markets are so much fun! The churros stand brought back great memories of Spain & Portugal – love them! Glad to see your weather cleared as we prepare for another snowstorm this evening during Super Bowl Sunday, not that I follow football.I like to watch the halftime show & see who wins at the end.


    1. I can see you now in your poodle skirt with pompous cheering them on! Yes, this market is truly wonderful. Stay warm and dry.


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